Truck With 100,000 Horsepower Engine

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

Well, I didn’t exactly say it was the truck’s propulsion engine. But take a good look at this picture, especially the cab of the truck way down in front and low, in order to get the proper scale of the payload on this mover of prime movers. More info on this mammoth straight-eight and the world’s largest diesel engines as well as the Eugene variation on this theme after the jump:

The giant diesel engine is headed for the bowels of a container ship. Actually, I don’t know if this particular engine has 100k hp, but follow this link to the world’s biggest marine engines which exceed that number. And the redline? 102 rpm. Bonus points if you can identify the engine in the back of the Toyota.

Well, on that high (Lux) note, we’ll conclude this edition of Truck Saturday on TTAT. Thanks for sharing my other wheeled loves. Shall we have a train day?

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Nutsaboutcars Nutsaboutcars on Dec 07, 2009

    PS You can live in one of the cylinders of those 12-14 cyl 100,000 HP engines, even in one of the smaller ones (30,000 HP or so). But the engine room is very noisy and very hot. Nuclear power is not an economic option for even the biggest ships, which travel at 15-25 knots and need far less than 100,000 HP. It is used only on 360,000 HP or so, 40-knot aircraft carriers and also 40 kn or so Subs.


    I'm trying to find one these engines to photograph for a film project. does anyone know where I can locate one? is there an engine of this scale in the US?

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