LA Auto Show: 2010 Hyundai Tucson

Alex L. Dykes
by Alex L. Dykes

Hyundai’s new 2010 Tucson has landed in LA. Basically the same as the model dropped at Frankfurt a short while ago, it’s a total refresh of the Tucson that leaped Hyundai into the CUV market in 2005. We all know that Hyundai has built their lineup on copying the basics from Japan while adding value and flair, and the Tucson is no different. The CUV’s lines are more than a little reminiscent of the Lexus RX, for about half the price. New for 2010 Hyundai is touting the Tucson’s 31 mpg on the highway, 61 lb lighter kerb weight, panoramic sunroof, and long overdue bluetooth and larger screen navigation system. Like it’s Sonata sibling the Tucson gets only the Theta II direct injection four pot mated to their new 6 speed transmission.

Alex L. Dykes
Alex L. Dykes

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  • Mrh1965 Mrh1965 on Dec 03, 2009

    I believe its engine is port injected, not direct injected. Makes about 20 less horsepower than the Sonata.

  • Don1967 Don1967 on Dec 04, 2009

    @superbadd75, If the Tucson is cribbing the Tribeca, then the Tribeca (at least in its current post-vagina form) is cribbing the Santa Fe. And so what? There are only so many ways to style a two-box CUV. To Hyundai's credit, its products are not entirely derivative anymore. Those swoopy fender curves provide a uniquely Korean family resemblance across most of its product line, from sports cars to CUVs.

    • DisturbedDriver DisturbedDriver on Dec 04, 2009
      To Hyundai’s credit, its products are not entirely derivative anymore. Those swoopy fender curves provide a uniquely Korean family resemblance across most of its product line, from sports cars to CUVs. Quote of the day, and you are correct. I'm noticing that the way Hyundai implements the fluidic sculpture design is becoming increasingly distinct. All the haters can keep on cherrypicking other cars that Hyundai supposedly takes cues from. The funny part is there's hardly ever agreement on who they're copying...if they're even copying anymore.
  • Lorenzo Subaru had the ideal wagon - in 1995. The Legacy Outback was a straight two-box design with rear quarter and back windows you could see out of, and was available in brown with a 5-speed manual, as God and TTAC commenters intended. It's nice they're not raising prices, but when you've lost the plot, does it matter?
  • Bkojote Remember a month a go when Cleveland wanted to create a more walkable Cleveland and TTAC's 'BIG GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM' dumbest and dullest all collectively crapped their diapers? Here's the thing- look on any American highway and it's littered with people who don't /want/ to be driving or shouldn't be. Look at every Becky on her phone during the morning commute in her Tucson, look at every Brad aggro driving his 84 month loan GMC. Hell look how many drivers nowadays can't even operate a headlight switch. You expect these people to understand a stoplight? In my neighborhood alone 4 people have been rear ended at lights from someone on their phone. Distracted driving over the past 10 years has spiked, and it's only going to get worse unless Becky has an alternative, because no judge is going to pull her license when 'she needs it to get to work!' but heaven forbid she not check fb/tiktok for 40 minutes a day.
  • Scott Shouldn't the The Italian Minister for Business be criticizing The Milano for being too ugly to be Italian?Better use of resources doing that....
  • Steve Biro Frankly, while I can do without Eyesight and automatic start-stop, there is generally less B-S with Subarus in terms of design, utility and off-road chops than with many other brands. I just hope that when they adopt Toyota’s hybrid system, they’ll also use Toyota’s eCVT.
  • The Oracle These are all over the roads in droves here in WNC. Rarely see one on the side of the road, they are wildly popular, capable, and reliable. There is a market for utilitarian vehicles.