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The Cadillac XTS ConceptCadillac is showing off this teaser of its XTS concept, previewing the look of its forthcoming “flagship.” It’s edgy, it’s wedgy… too bad it’s almost certainly another Epsi-II variant in a GM lineup that hardly needs another. And while Cadillac keeps GM’s perpetual tease going, it’s come to our attention that the brand has become the carrier of a now-expired GM legacy, visible after the jump.

Courtesy: @joelfeder

Cadillac’s SRX, by virtue of being released just before the Chevrolet Equinox, is the last GM vehicle to bear the now-extinct “Mark of Excellence,” a fact that had escaped us thus far [Hat Tip: Twitter’s Joel Feder]. And as a new 2010 model, those two nasty letters will grace the Caddy CUV for years to come. Sure, some vehicle had to be the last to bear the badge of pre-bankruptcy corporate pride, but how inappropriate is it that GM’s luxury brand is the last one wearing The General’s chiclet?

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17 Comments on “Cadillac: In With The New, And Let’s Keep The Old Stuff Too...”

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    So, they’re deleting the Mark of Excrement from all new designs?  Didn’t they just start adding it in 2006 or so?  Why is GM flip-flopping like a politician?  (Oh, wait, they’re run by the government, never mind…)

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    Dave Skinner

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see the chiclet dissappaer from the fender trim next year, if not sooner.

    Since Cadillac can push some of the re-tooling cost off to the supplier of the trim, updating the trim to remove the badge would not require a fender redesign or a big investment out their own budget.

    AND, the marketers can promote the new “streamlined” appearance.

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    Come on, Segfault, there was a big post on here a few months back about how they were deleting the little Chiclet from all the new models.  ;)
    When an acquaintance of mine had the G6 they were driving backed into and the passenger front fender needed to be replaced, the little GM “Chiclets” cost $5 a piece without installation.

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    I was there when the GM Mark of Excellence apeared, in 1966. Back then it was just a sticker on the door jamb, often applied crookedly. My latest Eldorado, 1970 model, has one of these. Cadillac, still being the Standard of the World back then, has it installed straight.

    Yet another sign I’m getting old, I guess.

    I have one of these “chiclets” I saved from some scrap parts at a supplier. It may become a collectible.


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    Whats wrong with Caddy having an EPII variant?  It doesn’t compete with Buick or Chevy.

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    The chiclets on the cars are so small they cannot be read unless one stands next to the car and leans down to peer at it.  Perhaps it’d be better to use a bigger font so other drivers can see them or install them inside the cars to convince the occupants of their cars’ excellence.

    Back in the 1970s, my family had an avocado-colored refrigerator that proudly bore the “GM Mark of Excellence” logo on the door.  Something was always going wrong with that machine.  It’s nice to see the company returning to its roots. /sarcasm

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      The Frigidaire in our kitchen was always a lot more reliable than our Buicks and Pontiacs, and our Airtemp air conditioner was way more reliable and durable than our Plymouths.
      Philco, on the other hand, went to crap after Ford bought them.

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    At least it’s (maybe) an AWD Epsi II variant, instead of yet another overhuge FWD Sominex special. It’d be progress, sorta.

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    Glad to see they’re doing a traditional roomy & comfortable Cadillac again.  Though, hard to see how they’ll charge DTS/STS prices ($46K) for a car loosely based on present and future Malibus ($21K).  Perhaps if the XTS is priced to cover Lucerne territory (34K?) Cadillac will be able to get the volumes that will make doing this car worth the investment?

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      I don’t think Caddy wants to be in Lucerne territory with this one.  Also, 34k is less than a CTS sedan.  Many car manufactures base cars off of other existing platforms.  With the right equipment and materials, 46k isn’t out of the question.  Also, it doesn’t need to be a high volume seller at all.  The platform is being shared by a large amount of other vehicles.  Platform sharing done right means lots of cost savings.  Platform sharing done wrong = rebadges.

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    Oh my God! The Cadillac has a “GM” emblem affixed? Quick, put out a post. Top priority!

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    I’ve already heard the usual Detroit auto journalist suspects praise this XTS as “beautiful,” “stunning,” etc.  I’m standing by to be disappointed.  Hope the chuckleheads are right for a change.

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    Can someone clarify for me please…

    What the difference between the STS and the DTS… besides the FWD / RWD platform.

    Which then again makes me want to wonder.. why they are so concerned with a 3 series competitor smaller than the C.. when.. why isnt the CTS good enough. Id also like to know.. why the current CTS V looks the same as the first gen sedan, when in fact the CTS is in its 2nd iteration?!

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    Kevin Kluttz

    Why do we even care?  It’s GM, for Pete’s sake.  Please, someone, stick a fork in it.  But, no, there are still people out there who have had their heads up their asses for so long that they don’t know anything about the automotive world and will still drift about in their GM barges and end up at a dealership to blindly purchase another one, thinking all the time in the service department is normal.

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