1986 Konvertible Ad; Rareness Validated

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer

My wild guess that today’s Kurbside Klassic Konvertibl e had a degree of rarity has been confirmed. According to Jamie who has his ’86 ragtop posted at cardomain, only 4,759 of these un-Grosser 600’s were made. And he also found a period ad for our car. Now we know that the little buzz-bomb 2.2 turbo was a real sleeper, and could whip the 600ES to sixty in…wait a minute! I just looked at it a again. It says zero to 50 in 5.8 seconds. And I thought (wrongly) that the pathetic 0-50 bragging rights era had ended by 1986. Full ad after the jump (too big):

Paul Niedermeyer
Paul Niedermeyer

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  • Porschespeed Porschespeed on Dec 13, 2009
    It really is one of the more remarKable auto stories of the post-war era. RemarKably bad. The K helped steer a whole generation right into the showrooms of Honda and Toyota. Never to return. The celebration of mediocrity is how the 'Big 3' lost the market. The K was as mediocre as mediocre can be. Especially compared against a then new Accord, Celica, or even Civic.
  • Andybuzz2u Andybuzz2u on May 25, 2010

    This is funny reading about it now. But in 1986 ANY car that went zero to 50 mph in 5.8 seconds was big news. For those out there who are to young or wore not born then, the Federal speed limit was 55 mph or the "double nickel" as it was called by many...On every intersdtate hightway and all state roads. The majority of the Asian cars took like 75 seconds to get to 50. As did a lot of the Big Three econo boxes. You know the Ford 5.0 V8 mustang made, if i remember right, only made around 175HP ditto for the Camero/Firebird and these cars did the 50 jog in around 5.4 seconds..And still had 70's era gas mileage to go with it..somewhere around 7 or 8 mpg in town, if you were lucky 14 on the highway. The Prices for 80's Vettes are still the lowest. At that time they turned out around 215 hp and should have been let die in 79. The Price, or bang for the buck wasn't there, even the mighty Vette and Porsche of the times managed 6.2 seconds zero to 60mph for them. Point being, Performance had died in 1974 for the Big Three and would not return untill the last 5 or 6 years for them. The turbo 4 cylinder engine, GM, Ford and of course Chrysler saw that as a way to improve performance and keep the EPA happy.

  • Teddyc73 As I asked earlier under another article, when did "segment" or "class" become "space"? Does using that term make one feel more sophisticated? If GM's products in other segments...I mean "space" is more profitable then sedans then why shouldn't they discontinue it.
  • Robert Absolutely!!! I hate SUV's , I like the better gas milage and better ride and better handling!! Can't take a SUV 55mph into a highway exit ramp! I can in my Malibu and there's more than enough room for 5 and trunk is plenty big enough for me!
  • Teddyc73 Since when did automakers or car companies become "OEM". Probably about the same time "segment" or "class" became "space". I wish there were more sedans. I would like an American sedan. However, as others have stated, if they don't sell in large enough quantities to be profitable the automakers...I mean, "OEMs" aren't going to build them. It's simple business.
  • Varezhka I have still yet to see a Malibu on the road that didn't have a rental sticker. So yeah, GM probably lost money on every one they sold but kept it to boost their CAFE numbers.I'm personally happy that I no longer have to dread being "upgraded" to a Maxima or a Malibu anymore. And thankfully Altima is also on its way out.
  • Tassos Under incompetent, affirmative action hire Mary Barra, GM has been shooting itself in the foot on a daily basis.Whether the Malibu cancellation has been one of these shootings is NOT obvious at all.GM should be run as a PROFITABLE BUSINESS and NOT as an outfit that satisfies everybody and his mother in law's pet preferences.IF the Malibu was UNPROFITABLE, it SHOULD be canceled.More generally, if its SEGMENT is Unprofitable, and HALF the makers cancel their midsize sedans, not only will it lead to the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST ones, but the survivors will obviously be more profitable if the LOSERS were kept being produced and the SMALL PIE of midsize sedans would yield slim pickings for every participant.SO NO, I APPROVE of the demise of the unprofitable Malibu, and hope Nissan does the same to the Altima, Hyundai with the SOnata, Mazda with the Mazda 6, and as many others as it takes to make the REMAINING players, like the Excellent, sporty Accord and the Bulletproof Reliable, cheap to maintain CAMRY, more profitable and affordable.