TTAC Bids Farewell To Its Founder

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

The die is cast. Robert Farago, the man who founded this site nearly a decade ago and nursed it into relevance and notoriety, has left the building. Those of us who remain behind take his burden onto our willing shoulders, dedicated to realizing his dream of a car blog that covers the most relevant industry news and delivers the most unflinchingly honest reviews, commentary and analysis. Though much has changed since TTAC’s founding, the need for the truth about cars has not diminished. The automotive media remains a haven for craven cowardice, mutual back-scratching and unquestioning obsequiousness, and our inviolable mission is to provide consumers and observers with perspectives that stand in stark contrast to the industry business-as-usual. Though no site can remain unchanged after the loss of such a prolific founder, Robert’s work over the past decade is the blueprint for our future. The truth must be told, and we’re forever grateful to Robert for showing us the way and, in the process, building up an outlet that is irrevocably dedicated to these ideals.

On a personal note, I’m humbled by the task of filling Robert’s prolific, principled and notorious shoes. I’m also eternally grateful to Robert for his faith in me over the past 18 months. Thanks to his trust, generosity and patience, I have the honor of replacing him in what may well be one of the best jobs in the world. Thanks to his high standards, tough criticism and brutal honesty, I feel capable of doing some justice to his vision. Thank you Robert, for creating this site, for mentoring me, and for making an indelible mark on the autoblogosphere. It’s been a true honor.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Jim Sutherland Jim Sutherland on Nov 18, 2009

    Robert gave Jerry and me an opportunity to contribute to TTAC and we both appreciate the gesture. He's a straight-ahead guy who gets to the point in world class time along the shortest route possible. He should do seminars on how to get the wishy-washy out of your life now that TTAC is in his rear view mirror. Thanks Robert, I look forward to future rants in a different playground.

  • R H R H on Nov 18, 2009

    I have sent RF a lot of stories & had some very brief e-mail correspondence with him. Even if we don't always agree, he always acknowledges stories & often gives me a hat tip :) Will miss ya RF. Good luck in your next endeavour(s). Robstar@ttac

  • Willman Willman on Nov 18, 2009

    You know, after a post on AB, I just watched that AutoLine After Hours. Robert really did well against those 3 tools. McElroy who was talking out both sides of his mouth, wimpily trying to make a point, but so afraid he'd only go 1/2 way and then retreat 2 sentences later. Vines who was the most ranting, over-talking, nutjob BS artist I've heard, and DeLorenzo who clearly had his panties in a twist over some recent slight. -ALL of whom discredited themselves by going personal on RF. +And not shutting the EFF up after they asked him to answer a question. I'd read (on AB?) that it was somehow bad, but I disagree. If there is one thing besides this site that Visibly displays the need to clear out ancient, ass-kissing, point-retreating, wimpy, double-talking, bleeding-heart 'community'-wanking, prevaricating, Flummery artists and career politicians from the auto industry, it was listening to those disrespectful, idiotic tools talking to RF. That was a real Visceral example of why I like this site and RF's contribution to the auto world. Robert is without a doubt, the Gordon Ramsay of the auto industry. ... and Detroit is the 'Kitchen Nightmare'. Best of luck, and keep fighting the good fight! Cheers, -Will

  • Kristjan Ambroz Kristjan Ambroz on Nov 19, 2009

    I can also only wish you the best of luck and hope that you will at least drop by occasionnally :)