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Well, it’s that time of year when we call a quick time-out here at TTAC and retreat to our families to celebrate Thanksgiving. Having already celebrated their Thanksgiving, our crack Canadian tech team will be taking advantage of our holiday lull to perform some maintenance behind the scenes. TTAC will be down for several hours today, but we’ll be back to our usual coverage tomorrow, barring any tryptophan-related brain damage. On a final housekeeping note, our moderator team will be trying out a new tool known as disemvowelment, for comments that straddle the line of acceptability.

With that out of the way, thank you all for reading and supporting TTAC. Thanks to our talented contributors, our brilliant commenters, our dedicated moderators and our patient owners. A special thanks is owed (once more and always) to Robert Farago for creating this amazing community. Happy Thanksgiving!

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8 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving From TTAC...”

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    Happy Turkey Day to my American friends.

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    Feliz Día de acción de gracias.

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    our crack Canadian tech team will be taking advantage of our holiday lull to perform some maintenance behind the scenes

    Yippee! I hope all of that, as well as everyone’s Thanksgiving plans, go well. Have fun and stay safe.

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    *nd H*ppy Th*nksg*v*ng to y*u! (And–belatedly–to the good people of Canada.)
    Glad to hear you’re trying disemvowelment for the trash talkers. Hey, if a commenter disagrees with my own obviously brilliant observations, you can drop their consonants as well. Ch**rs.

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    Jeff Waingrow


    Happy Thanksgiving to all at TTAC. You’ve made the transition from the RF regime to this new one  in a seamless way, yet the entire enterprise is clearly different. To me, much for the better. Anyway, I do understand the desire to keep flames and other undesirable matter off the site, but you may want to hash out the disemvowelment technique a bit amongst  yourselves  first. There is some controversy involving this methodology, and there are even a few legal issues that it raises. Some bloggers have reported that they used it  for a period only to eventually reverse course. There is something Big Brother about it,  though the alternatives are not very compelling either, as you doubtless well know.

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    Martin Schwoerer

    I like just about everything about the new TTAC, and have a deep feeling of gratitude about it. Thank you, Niedermeyer family, thank you, Robert: this thing looks like it has legs, and like it is healthy. Here’s to everybody helping TTAC turn into something great, something more than the sum of its parts, in 2010!

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    Having found myself stuck in an airport Thanksgiving Eve on the way home to Australia, I was truly touched by the kindness of one family of total strangers who offered to put me up for the night. We had the most amazing (early) lunch and then I caught the replacement plane out late that Thursday evening.
    In my travels around the world it’s possible to get a sense of a country by the kindness of strangers. The USofA is truly returning to being a special nation that will pull through. Hang in there.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    Geo. Levecque

    Yes Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all in the USA, when I used to show my Dogs in your Country, I was always given courtesy and good will at all times, even when I won the first  prize and yes the USA will recover in time too

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