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The team at TTAC, wherever it may be, wishes you the best of all holidays.

As we are often accused of being pro-import, we honor an age-old European tradition: “The bridge.”

In Europe, this is when you take only a handful working days off to turn Christmas and New Year into a two-week vacation, which you spend in the Maldives, or in Phuket (because of the ancient temples…) At TTAC, we make it a mini-bridge, taking it easy until New Year. If and when there are major news, we will cover them. In the new  year, we will be back in full force.

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26 Comments on “Happy Holidays From Your Friends At TTAC...”

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    Bertel I remember the two week holiday at this time of the year, one year when I was working full time and was on a legal strike, I worked for a French Company that supplied parts for Jeep in Brampton ie American Motors.

    We almost have the same thing here in Canada as Boxing Day follows Christmas and its very much like the USA “Black Friday” for people to shop for Bargains, also many people take the whole week off here too, Schools are on Holiday too, this morning we woke to about 6 cms of New Snow, ahh some people are happy about this too like people who clear the Snow off Hiways etc. Wishing everyone a happy and fruitful 2013!

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    Jeff Weimer

    I’ve been to Phuket, and Pattaya. The temples are beautiful and interactive.

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    Chicago Dude

    Enjoy the mini-bridge. I’ll be leaving shortly for 10 days in Hawaii; if I see the President I’ll tell him you say hello.

    Last time I was there I was surprised at how few hybrids were on the roads given the very high fuel costs – and also at how popular the Ford Flex was. I’ll be watching to see if any Prius V or C-Max is toting surfboards around.

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    The government ship overhaul place where I used to work was shutting down between Christmas and New Year’s Day for the last few years I worked there.

    I’ve been enjoying the holiday season and wish all the TTAC guys the same, as well as a great 2013.

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    Working everyday plus weekends because it’s the only time I can get OT :\'( Must be nice to be a writer…

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      “Must be nice to be a writer…”

      Maybe, once you’re established. Getting there is years of 19 hour days, endless research, out-of-pocket everything, declining word-rates, machine text/translation eating your field… and *always* the two natural states of writing, overwhelmed or underemployed. And, oh yes, the carving of your psychological hide by the arrogance and petty cruelties of frustrated professionals from around the globe.

      Ain’t that easy.

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    I must be pronouncing “Phuket” wrong.

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    I’m in the midst of a 3-week break – a first of that length in my career – which is partially due to the ‘use it or lose it’ policy of my employer, but also earned during an arduous project this year.

    Bertel & the good gang at TTAC: enjoy your time away from the keyboard. But I’m still liking the trickle of news that appears here in the meantime.

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    As far as I’m concerned, even at almost 62 years of age, I STILL cannot get used to working during the summer and ALWAYS take my last few days of vacation over the holidays, just like when in school…

    I’m thoroughly enjoying my time off, so all you TTAC-guys do the same!

    As for certain commenters, there’s always next year to renew GM-bashing and import love-festing!

    Me? May my Impala-love never die!

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    Hopefully, everyone has a nice safe, loving holiday.

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    Thank you for a year of inspiring articles and interesting commentary.
    I’d love to see more in the new year on behind-the-scenes stuff e.g. how various automakers develop new models all the way from rough concept sketch to prototype to sheet metal stamping. But it’s all good

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    You TTAC guys enjoy your mini bridge. There are plenty of stories/links here to hold us over until you guys come back. Wishing everyone an excellent 2013!

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    Felix Hoenikker

    The Canadians have worked out the holidays. First, a little background, my paternal grandmother and her sister emigrated from Poland to Canada shortly after the turn of the 20th century. For some strange reason, my paternal grandfater decided to emigrate to the US around WW1 through Detroit to PA to resume his career as a coal miner. Ouch. Grandmother’s sister remained in Toronto where she married and started a family. My grandnother already had two chldrem when they crossed over the US border. The families stayed in loose coctact over the next 60 years.
    Fast forward to December 1986 and my pregnent wife and I are on vacation in the Florida Keys. It seemed like 90% of the license plates in the campground were from Ontario or Quebec. I asked how they could travel so far in the week between Christmas and New Years, and they told me that they had two weeks off instead of the measley one week I had with six years of senority at my company. Right there, I knew I had been rip;ed off by the system, and I would never feel guilty about taking my vacaion ever again despite the efforts of my employer to make me feel guilty for taking more than one week of vacation a year despite how many weeks you were entilted to due to your time on the job.
    It was an great awakeing for me, and I have not surrendered any vacation time to my subsequent employers since unless they offered my comp time or a promotion.

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      My last company was very reluctant to grant me even one day off even with one month’s notice. I had to personally speak with each manager who signed off on my vacation requests.

      My current employer is completely different. I just tell my boss the days I’ll be taking off so he knows when I won’t be in the office. It’s really nice to take a day off at the drop of a hat.

      So yes, I am currently enjoying the bridge :)

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      Us Canadians do not make a big deal about Thanksgiving, which in the US can turn into a “bridge week”. In the US, Thanksgiving is about the family gathering and Christmas can be used to duck out for a vacation. In Canada, Christmas is about getting the family together. If we happen to travel somewhere to be together then so much the better.

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    Happy holidays to all the TTAC gang be they writers or readers!

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    Polar Bear

    Europe is also the place where you can still get away with saying “Merry Christmas”.

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    Import-biased? Meh, to a Canadian like me they’re all imports. (What’s more Canadian, a Honda made in Ontario or a GM made in Ontario? Is my Honda made in Ohio more Canadian than a Mazda made in Japan? What does it matter?)

    By my reckoning, you call cars like they are and if the US car manufacturers made cars better than the non-US competitors, you’d be all over them. Seems to me, in fact, you’ve been all over some Ford products lately and your review of the Cadillac ATS was pretty favourable as well.

    Anyone who buys a car because it’s American (or Japanese, or German, or Mexican) over all other considerations is doing himself or herself a disservice. Buy what’s best. At worst, you end up with the best vehicle for yourself and a real financial motivation to the more local providers to up their game. (It’s no coincidence that Ford’s upped their game so much; they had to to succeed in Europe.)

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    Photo Jim has it right, the so called Big Three made crappy cars and Trucks over a thirty year period plus and dumped a lot of them here in Canada, no wonder the Import Makers found fertile ground to sell there products here in North America, even the US Consumer could only take some of there shoddy products and live with there many faults,one excuse was that it was made on a Friday!

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      “Made on a Friday” Really? Maybe in 1975. About the time the Japanese cars lasted about5 years befor turning into a pile of rust.

      Candadians you say? So no doubt you guys enjoy our ,oh so expensive, social prograns.”Free health care” Old age supplement,CPP, how about our university tuition,not free, but certainly cheaper than elsewhere. The list goes on and on.

      It all comes from taxes. Does Mazda or its employees pay Canadian
      taxes? How about Hyundia/Kia? In fairness, Honda, and Toyota have some manufactoring here. Great. GM ,Ford, Chrysler,and thier employess,have made massive contributions to our economy.

      But hey, my fellow Canucks buy whatever to f– you want. Enjoy your import.

      Be ready to watch your OAS vanish,along with CPP. “Free health care”…have you used it lately? It might be free, but calling it care?
      The teachers on strike, crying the blues,with thier 80k salaries? The goverment workers with thier indexed pensions based on 60 percent of thier salaries. Its a matter of time before thier plans go broke,and the taxpayers pick up the tab.

      The Doctors are driving BMW’s. Now thier banging on the goverment doors,looking for a raise.

      Check out the school,and government parking lots……full of imports.

      We in Canada are so smug,with our. {somewhat} safe streets,and our percieved “socialist utopia”.

      It all comes with one massive price tag. Ask yourself,where does the money come from?

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        Public health care is a provincial matter, not federal, so buying a car made in Ontario doesn’t help me acquire public health care service in Saskatchewan.

        Further, why is buying a GM made in Ontario more “Canadian” than buying a Honda made in Ontario or a Hyundai made in Ontario? Answer: it isn’t.

        All car manufacturers are foreign by Canadian reckoning. All have operations of some nature in Canada – most have manufacturing, all have sales divisions – and obviously local dealers and mechanics receive benefits in Canada from cars sold in Canada but made out of Canada.

        One final point: your logic about why to buy Canadian is a very powerful argument for foreigners to NOT buy Canadian. I for one avoid companies that wave American flags too vehemently because if their arguments hold water, I should prefer a Canadian supplier instead.

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        PhotoJim….Health care is administerd by the Province. The feds manadate it,and fund it through transfer payments. Honda and Toyota Ford, and Chrysler and GM have plants in Ontario. Thats it.

        Fact is our goverments are broke,and in deep debt. Somebody has to pay the bills. I believe in spending my money,with companies that contribute to our country.

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        Saskatchewan, where I live, is in surplus but that’s not really the point.

        The point is, you’re advocating a protectionist mindset, and you have to think about this: if it makes sense for you to only buy Ontario-made cars because the Ontario economy is bad, it makes sense for Americans to avoid Ontario-made cars because their economy is at least as bad, and probably worse.

        Do you always make sure the flour in the food you consumed came from Saskatchewan wheat, or that the beef you consume came from Saskatchewan or Alberta cattle? I doubt it.

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    All the best to the masthead, crew, and B&B readership. Wishing everyone a great New Year.


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    I have 2+ weeks vacation from dec 21 to jan 7, but it´s not all positive.
    It´s like; “Use it or loose your work”
    The economy is down, and you want to save some money just in case, but that´s not easy if you have a vacation :/

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