Ford PR: "We Are Also Going to Pay Back Our Loans Unlike Other Companies"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Responding to TTAC commentator Ohsnapback, Ford’s Communications rep defended his employer’s turnaround plan. “At Ford we have never said that we have won the battle already,” Jay Ward wrote. “Just that we are making considerable progress against our plan. You are right that the job is not done, but the evidence so far is overwhealmingly [sic] positive.” So far, so PR. And then . . . “We are managing our debt and working hard to pay it off. We are also going to pay back our loans unlike other companies (not just automotive – how about the banks while we are on the subject).” It’s a blunt and entirely accurate appraisal of GM and Chrysler’s chances of returning the government’s $72 billion (plus) “investment” in the failed domestic automakers. Ward goes on to underline Ford’s official position that its $10 billion no-to-low interest, 25-year “retooling” loan from the Department of Energy does not constitute a government bailout. ” . . . we did shun bail out money. We accepted government loans available to all auto manufacturers both domestic and foreign. We have committed to paying these back and I fail to see how we can be critisised [sic] for that.” And just in case you thought the attack on GM and Chrysler’s mega-suckle was a slip of the tongue, Ward makes a second strafing run. “If everyone else pays back every penny that Uncle Sam has ‘loaned’ them, I will eat my Mustang and my Flex.” Jay’s cars are safe. His ability to post on TTAC without interference from The Glass House Gang? Not so much.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • TrailerTrash TrailerTrash on Nov 11, 2009

    Matt51 Why do you say the Taurus was to costly to do? Its a chassis they have been using for a long time after getting Volvo. And what's wrong with turbo? Jay...go back and tell Ford big thinkers we are in need of turbo FusionS, Fiesta and Kuga! And thanks for participationg. If feels real nice knowing your words are being read.

  • Steven02 Steven02 on Nov 11, 2009

    What was the point in making this an article? Sure he defends his company. His company, under Alan Mulally, has made some great strides. They still have problems. They still have a lot of debt to manage. They are working to fix them. But if you look at it through TTAC's baised truth about cars glasses, you will only see failures in anything that any domestic automaker does.

  • Matt51 Matt51 on Nov 11, 2009

    Trailer Trash, they are selling what, 5000 a month, or 60,000 a year? No way they are making money on it.

  • Charly Charly on Nov 11, 2009

    YZS, The French and Italians also play in China so it isn't only VW they need to beat.