By on October 8, 2009

What kind of Lexus is this, and why is my neck hair standing to attention?

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23 Comments on “Lexus Destroys Brand Image By Building A Car You Can Actually Hear...”

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    Daddy likes…

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    Should actually be called a Supra.

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    Maybe it’s my speakers here at work, but that sounds like crap to me.

    Very nice looking though.

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    A car we can hear, one we can’t afford

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    In terms of brand coherence, this is about as misguided as a Ferrari pickup truck. When was the last time you used the phrase “Lexus hoon”?

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    Could be the new lexus Sc. I wonder if they are attempting to steal from the Honda playbook and do an NSX-like everyday supercar.

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    When was the last time you used the phrase “Lexus hoon”?

    Oh, when refering to a lot of IS drivers. Especially the old IS300. You know, the one with the Supra’s block.

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    Sounds like it got smacked with the raspy stick. No thanks.

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    I am sure its my PC speakers (cambridge sound works)but sounds like those stupid big mouth pipes that Ricers but on a Civic, however those cars certainly did move one hell of a lot faster.

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    That sounds like an F1 car. I’ll take one when my bank account can afford it.

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    Seriously? You guys don’t know? It’s a Lexus LF-A.

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    LF-A, huh? Does that stand for Loud Effing Auto?

    I likes…

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    Sounds like an F1 car? um….no.

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    It’s basically Toyota’s answer to GT-R.

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    discoholic :
    October 8th, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    In terms of brand coherence, this is about as misguided as a Ferrari pickup truck. When was the last time you used the phrase “Lexus hoon”?

    Maybe not Ferrari yet. But at least Porsche sells more trunks than sports cars every year. So, I don’t see Lexus doing anything wrong here.

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    basho – two quick punches to the throttle obviously isn’t going to sound like an F1 car going around a track. Listen to the first car pulling out and holding the throttle a bit longer. It is about the best you’ll get in a street car.

    jacksonbart – you must have the best ricer civics in your neighborhood. The ones in my neighborhood sound like buzzy flatulence.

    I can’t wait to hear it run through all 6~8 gears.

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    It’s a pity the LF-A nor the V10 (more importantly) have been confirmed. Does the white one sound different to the black mule? V8?

    Seeing a white one is interesting. Production model? Anyone else notice that it appeared to have decals on the rear end. Lexus and something??

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    basho : “Sounds like an F1 car? um….no.”

    Unfortunately ever since the internet Insanity Test, this is all F1 will ever sound like to me:

    … also Axel F’d version:

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    Looks better in the animated clips than the stills. Still not sure why Lexus is building it though.

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    nice sounding but unattractive car

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    I wonder if they are attempting to steal from the Honda playbook and do an NSX-like everyday supercar.

    Uh, at $500K, I’d say no. It’s also definitely not the new SC.

    And yeah, V10s sound like crap, now matter how well tuned they are. The E60 M5’s downfall is its engine noise. Sounds like Voltron desperately crying out before getting crushed by an asteroid.

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    There is no more Lexus SC… meet the IS Coupe. A move they should have done.. 15yrs ago!

    And exactly why do ya buy a M5.. if not for the motor?

    As for what Lexus stands for to me…
    Just put a set of Zip-ties in the front driver / pass compartment tying the mats to the seat frame… and that should correct any misconceptions..

    Oh yeah..
    Throw in the bloated RX, GX and GS in there for good measure.. with a heaping helping of the Es/ Camry and a boring as hell to look at IS… and your in for a ride to snoozeville.

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    Tricky Dicky

    You will be able to find out all about it at the Tokyo Motor Show. For everyone who believes that Lexus has got a staid image, making cars for doctors, the LF-A is going to change the rulebook. Apparently this was a pet project of the new Toyota President, hence the car having done the majority of it’s development work at the Nurburgring.

    How many other auto company presidents are also qualified race drivers?! Perhaps this is the turning point where Big-T will NOT become the next GM. The General was famously run by beancounters. Seems like Toyoda is a passionate pistonhead.

    I think in Tokyo they’ll be showing the LF-A plus a near to production version of the new Toyota-Subaru affordable boxer-engined sports car.

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