Ferrari-edition Fiat 500 Prototype Spied in the Wild

Mike Solowiow
by Mike Solowiow
ferrari edition fiat 500 prototype spied in the wild

Ecco! Ferrari edition Fiat 500 prototype spotted in the wild. It’s preproduction, 180bhp, Ferrari authorized (with Ferrari shifter), for only 40,000€. It was supposed to be covered up, but being an American, I accidentally pulled the cover off trying to get a BMW CSL out. It was sighted at a racing company in Kelburg, next to the Nurburgring. The owner of the racing shop said it’s overpriced, but drives like a demon.

Last year, Fiat delivered 200 Fiat 500 Ferrari editions to Ferrari dealers for customers to use as courtesy cars while their F430 Scuderia (or whatever) was in for service. However, what was parked casually in the corner, is something completely different. Abarth, in conjunction with Ferrari (styling) tuned this little beast up from its original 100bhp to the screaming 180bhp claimed. A Renault Clio Cup, Megane R26.R, and similar creations all run low 8-minute Bridge-to-Gantry times with a good driver, so a sub-8 minute BTG time for the wickedest 500 yet should be possible… with slicks, and not the street tires fitted to this prototype.

The Ferrari/Fiat/Abarth 500 features quad exhausts, brake cooling ducts that lead to 4-piston brake calipers on front, slotted rotors, gigantic oil coolers, upgraded suspension, Abarth/Recaro racing seats, 5-point harnesses, and a partial body cage. Based on a cursory inspection, the interior looks lightened as well.

As Renault Sport has found tremendous success in the European market with its racecar for the road R26.R and Clio Cup, maybe Fiat thinks a properly sorted 500 with that special Corsa Red Ferrari paint, badge, and Abarth tuning will capture the market. At 40,000€, I highly, highly doubt it, unless the owner craves something completely different, and stylish. As an exercise in hot hatch theory, I absolutely love this little car. As something actually feasible in the real world, Renault gets to laugh at Ferrari for once.

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  • Jerseydevil Jerseydevil on Sep 13, 2009

    40 k euros. sigh i guess i STILL cant afford to get a Ferrari. Even if it's a Fiat. sigh,

  • Areitu Areitu on Sep 13, 2009

    So, when's Top Gear going to put one head-to-head with an Aston Cygnet?

  • Dusterdude @El scotto , I'm aware of the history, I have been in the "working world" for close to 40 years with many of them being in automotive. We have to look at situation in the "big picture". Did UAW make concessions in past ? - yes. Do they deserve an increase now ? -yes . Is their pay increase reasonable given their current compensation package ? Not at all ! By the way - are the automotive CEO's overpaid - definitely! (That is the case in many industries, and a separate topic). As the auto industry slowly but surely moves to EV's , the "big 3" will need to be producing top quality competitive vehicles or they will not survive.
  • Art_Vandelay “We skipped it because we didn’t think anyone would want to steal these things”-Hyundai
  • El scotto Huge lumbering SUV? Check. Unknown name soon to be made popular by Tiktok ilk? Check. Scads of these showing up in school drop-off lines? Check. The only real over/under is if these will have as much cachet as Land Rovers themselves? A bespoken item had to be new at one time. Bonus "accepted by the right kind of people" points if EBFlex or Tassos disapproves.
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