Toyota June Sales Fall 34.6 Percent

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Toyota‘s sales last month fell 34.6 percent, moving 131,654 units. Bread-and-butter Camry and Corolla sales were down 39 and 54.6 percent respectively. In contrast to calls by the media and government for greater efficiency, sales of the frugal Yaris were down 40 percent, although Prius sales increased 6 percent to nearly 13,000 units. Scion nameplates were all down by 60 percent or more. RAV4 continues to be one of Toyota’s most resilient models, holding steady with a .6 percent increase to just over 10,000 units sold in June. Highlander held on with only a 3.8 percent drop in sales, but other SUVs were off by between 38 percent (Land Cruiser) and 80 percent (FJ Cruiser). On the Lexus front, the RX was up 21 percent and the IS dropped a mere 23 percent. Otherwise Lexus results ranged from mediocre (ES down 34 percent) to bad (GS, LX both down over 60 percent.)

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Dash riprock Dash riprock on Jul 02, 2009

    What about the tundra? How did it do agaisnt the F 150? Last year comparison? New plant, new incentives? Seems to be forgotten. Prius is the best performer in the market net of incentives

  • Quentin Quentin on Jul 02, 2009

    bumpy ii - Cool! Does that include other manufacturers? RF - are you going to host it?

  • Bumpy ii Bumpy ii on Jul 02, 2009

    No, this one is only Toyota. I do have the data for GM, so that one is next on the agenda.

  • Cpmanx Cpmanx on Jul 03, 2009

    The most notable nameplates here are not the RAV4 or Tundra--they are the Camry and Corolla, the core of the Toyota brand. Both took huge hits this month. Yes, Toyota has kept incentives in check but there is no way to candy-coat it: after a long, easy run of sales increases in the American market, Toyota is hitting some serious rough times. The June numbers are simply dismal, especially compared to what Ford, Hyundai/Kia, Subaru and even VW are doing.