Toyota June Sales Gain 7 Percent, Lose Market Share

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Despite struggling with a recall scandal early this year, Toyota has held on for a 10 percent sales increase in the first half of 2010. Of course, that achievement had a cost, namely a huge first-half binge on incentives. Now that Toyota is dialing back the spiffs, its sales are becoming downright flaccid, expanding only 7 percent in a June that saw 11 percent market growth. That means Toyota is slowly falling behind, now that it no longer has either an untouchable reputation or record incentives. Old standbys like the Camry and Corolla may have increased, but only to the tune of single digit growth. Meanwhile, Lexus, Scion and Toyota cars performed worse than June of 2009, leaving trucks to bring Lexus and Toyota sales up into the low double digits. Toyota’s hybrids sold 14,639 units, despite a decline in Prius sales, which still make up the bulk of Toyota’s hybrid sales. Toyota has not published fleet or retail numbers. Full volume numbers after the jump.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Wsn Wsn on Jul 01, 2010

    Well, at least Toyota is still viable, unlike GM who is still losing money on every car it builds. Of course, the very creative account department of GM would claim a profit. It's their accounting model that would claim a $200M profit every quarter so the CEO is paid with huge bonus. And then post a "one time loss" of $10B every year to receive more federal bailout.

    • Cykickspy Cykickspy on Jul 01, 2010

      1. where do you get your facts about GM losing money on every car they build? I would like to see some updated facts to this before I decide to invest in their IPO or are you slandering the new GM??????????????????????????? 2. This article is about Toyota... why is it every time on this site someone says something about Toyota's problems... someone has to be a smarta$$ and try to switch topic by talking negatively about GM? Just admit it... Toyota is not any better than any other car company and GM is just as good or better.

  • Rudiger Rudiger on Jul 01, 2010

    The figures that catch my eye are those for the Tacoma. With no spiffs on a years-old model not scheduled for replacement for at least another year, sales are still not too far behind last year's numbers. They're also still far ahead of the #2 compact truck Ranger, whose sales managed to hold steady, but only because of big rebates.

    • Pete Zaitcev Pete Zaitcev on Jul 01, 2010

      Not only Tacoma, RAV4 is in the same position: grows without any changes on an ancient platform. Looks like the raising market is lifting all boats.

  • Canam23 My old boss had a Seville STS with the Northstar that he would lend me when I wanted to drive from LA to Vegas. I have to admit that I loved it. Compared to my father-in-laws FWD Deville with the 4.1, the Seville was smooth, fast, comfortable and nice handling. It also was stingy on gas. Fortunately he never had a problem with his Northstar motor and I still think fondly of that car today.
  • V16 I'm sure you could copy and paste most of the "NO" responses to 1960's Japanese sourced vehicles.
  • Canam23 I believe the Chinese are entirely capable of building good cars, BYD has shown that they are very forward thinking and their battery technology is very good, BUT, I won't buy one because I don't believe in close to slave labor conditions, their animosity to the west, the lack of safety conditions for their workers and also the tremendous amount of pollution their factories produce. It's not an equal playing field and when I buy a car I want it made with as little pollution as possible in decent working conditions and paying a livable wage. I find it curious that people are taking swipes at the UAW in this thread because you can clearly see what horrific labor conditions exist in China, no union to protect them. I also don't own an iphone, I prefer my phones made where there aren't nets around to catch possible suicide jumpers. I am currently living in France, Citroen makes their top model in China, but you see very few. BYD has yet to make an impression here and the French government has recently imposed huge tariffs on Chinese autos. Currently the ones I see the most are the new MG's, mostly electric cars that remind me of early Korean cars, but they are progressing. In fact, the French buy very little Chinese goods, they are very protective of their industries.
  • Jerry Haan I have these same lights, and the light output, color, and coverage is amazing!Be aware, these lights interfere with AM and FM radio reception with the stereoreceiver I have in my garage. When the lights are on, I all the AM stations havelots of static, and there are only a couple of FM stations that are clear. When Iturn the lights off, all the radio stations work fine. I have tried magnetic cores on the power cords of the lights, that did not makeany change. The next thing I am going to try is mounting an antenna in my atticto get them away from the lights. I contacted the company for support, they never responded.
  • Lou_BC Are Hot Wheels cars made in China?