Honda Sales Up 10 Percent In August, Toyota Up 6.4 Percent

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Daily selling rates are playing silly buggers with some of this month’s sales results, but the numbers in the headline reflect Automotive News [sub]’s calculations on a pure monthly basis. Since both Toyota and Honda‘s official numbers are based on DSR though, they come out a bit higher. Either way, both firms saw increases in popular Cash For Clunker models, while trucks and luxury brands continued to sell slowly.

Honda’s Fit was a hands-down C4C winner, improving sales by nearly 200 percent to 13,593 units. Civic was up nearly 50 percent as well, while the hybrid Insight logged a mere 4,226 sales and the Accord dropped by about 5 percent. CR-V was the other big winner, up 58 percent to 30,284, only about 9k less than the Accord. On the Acura front, the TSX was up 7 percent while everything else fell by at least 37 percent.

Toyota saw surprisingly little C4C help in Yaris sales, which fell 47 percent to under 5k units. Corolla, Camry and Prius all increased by 51.9 percent, 28.2 percent and 45.7 percent respectively. Scion’s xB got a three percent lift and xD got a 15 percent lift, with both remaining well under 5k units.

RAV4 was buoyed by strong compact CUV demand, rising 47.3 percent to 18,312 units. Highlander increased by 37 percent, but all other CUVs and SUVs were down by between 20 percent (Sienna) and 76 percent (FJ Cruiser). Tacoma was up by 5 percent, on strong 4×4 model sales. Tundra was down by 53 percent.

Lexus could only claim a single victory last month, namely the RX with an 8 percent sales increase. Otherwise, sales were down across the board, with the IS (-20 percent) doing best and ES holding on with -25.8 percent sales. LS (-48 percent, 880 units) and GS (-58.8 percent, 669 units) are both suffering mightily.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • FreedMike FreedMike on Sep 02, 2009
    jaje : September 1st, 2009 at 3:44 pm Acura - I’m wondering when Honda will just give up. 20+ years of confusion and simply delivering nicer Hondas (sans NSX) - it’s the FWD no v8 luxury maker, it’s the new Volvo, it’s a wrong wheel drive BMW competitor, now recently it will be the fuel efficiency leader (???). It’s only saving grace is good cars for a decent value - but when you want to be a luxury or performance brand - that just doesn’t cut it. Agreed...Given Honda's gold-plated rep for quality and performance, I don't think Acura is really that relevant. I, for one, wouldn't have a problem buying a TL if it was badged as a Honda. One thing's for sure - they won't get far against the likes of BMW and Mercedes selling rebadged Accords anymore. The only Japanese upscale maker that's really managed to separate itself product-wise from the mothership is Infiniti. The only obviously Nissan-sourced vehicle they sell is their big SUV, and while the G series shares a platform with the Nissan Z, the cars are so different that it's tough to tell where they came from. Besides, if your "downscale" platform source is a Z-car, that ain't no bad thing.
  • Angainor Angainor on Sep 02, 2009

    "So Toyota sold 122,000 vehicles under the C4C program and had a 6.5% bump, doesn’t seem like that much benefit." Keep in mind that this increase is versus last years sales. Toyota did not start really feeling the effects of the "bank crisis/economy" panic until much later then most other car companies. For example, to say that Ford had a good month because they had a 17% increase over last August when $4 gas was killing their truck and SUV sales vs Toyota having a bad month with a 6.5% increase over a fairly good August last year (over 211K sales)is not apples to apples. In short, it's silly to praise a company because they had a year to year incease over a crap month and then not praise a company that had a year to year increase over a good month.

  • Lorenzo Subaru had the ideal wagon - in 1995. The Legacy Outback was a straight two-box design with rear quarter and back windows you could see out of, and was available in brown with a 5-speed manual, as God and TTAC commenters intended. It's nice they're not raising prices, but when you've lost the plot, does it matter?
  • Bkojote Remember a month a go when Cleveland wanted to create a more walkable Cleveland and TTAC's 'BIG GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM' dumbest and dullest all collectively crapped their diapers? Here's the thing- look on any American highway and it's littered with people who don't /want/ to be driving or shouldn't be. Look at every Becky on her phone during the morning commute in her Tucson, look at every Brad aggro driving his 84 month loan GMC. Hell look how many drivers nowadays can't even operate a headlight switch. You expect these people to understand a stoplight? In my neighborhood alone 4 people have been rear ended at lights from someone on their phone. Distracted driving over the past 10 years has spiked, and it's only going to get worse unless Becky has an alternative, because no judge is going to pull her license when 'she needs it to get to work!' but heaven forbid she not check fb/tiktok for 40 minutes a day.
  • Scott Shouldn't the The Italian Minister for Business be criticizing The Milano for being too ugly to be Italian?Better use of resources doing that....
  • Steve Biro Frankly, while I can do without Eyesight and automatic start-stop, there is generally less B-S with Subarus in terms of design, utility and off-road chops than with many other brands. I just hope that when they adopt Toyota’s hybrid system, they’ll also use Toyota’s eCVT.
  • The Oracle These are all over the roads in droves here in WNC. Rarely see one on the side of the road, they are wildly popular, capable, and reliable. There is a market for utilitarian vehicles.