Honda Sales Up 6 Percent In June

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Honda may not have suffered from a recall crisis the way Toyota did earlier this year, but its sales are equally flaccid this month, increasing only six percent in a month when the market grew by double digits. Because it doesn’t have a convenient excuse for this weakness, one is forced to conclude that its products simply aren’t resonating with consumers. Accord grew by less than 12 percent, despite including sales of the brand-new Crosstour CUV, which means the sedan has gone soft as the new “wagon” sold 1,848 units. Insight continues to flounder, failing once again to crack 2k units, and the ZDX appears to be just the latest unpopular product for Acura, selling only 265 units last month. Without solid growth from reliably popular products like Civic (+26.3%, 26,474 units), CR-V (+17%, 16,041 units), MDX (+63.8%, 3,847 units) and TSX (+33%, 2,510 units), Honda would be in deep, deep trouble.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Geeber Geeber on Jul 01, 2010

    Perhaps Honda's sales are "flaccid" because it doesn't rely on fleet sales to the extent that other manufacturers do. Here is an article from the June 30, 2010 edition of The Detroit News: Fleet sales are expected to once again prop up June car and truck sales when figures are released Thursday, masking weak demand among retail customers. Industry analysts believe June sales will outpace June 2009 as businesses and governments replenish their aging motor pools after delaying purchases amid the recession. But overall sales are expected to fall from May, due to a volatile financial market and wary consumers. And more from the same article: The boost from moribund 2009 levels is largely attributed to fleet orders by rental car companies, but that demand is expected to ebb later this year, putting increased importance on a resurgence in consumer demand. The real story here isn't a weak rise in Honda sales. It's how fleet sales are masking weak retail sales for several manufacturers, and the industry as a whole. Given that crucial fact, I'd say that Honda's figures don't look that bad.

  • JeremyR JeremyR on Jul 01, 2010

    Fit sales are down? If they pour on enough incentives, it'll make my "what-to-replace-the-20-year-old-Accord-with" dilemma that much easier ;-)

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    • JeremyR JeremyR on Jul 01, 2010

      Except that I'm saying it with a straight face! My 1987 Accord is smaller than a modern Civic, and since it's essentially used only for commuting, its replacement will be something more or less like a Fit.

  • EChid EChid on Jul 02, 2010

    This website prides itself on bashing Acura/Honda products endlessly. Its a bit tiring.

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    • Roundel Roundel on Jul 02, 2010

      Does Honda spell Chrysler backwards... or am I missing something? If you've been living under a rock, I guess I can give you some leeway in not knowing that Honda is essentially floundering in the water, with miss after miss of new products. Insight-Fail, Crosstourd-kinda fail, entire Acura line styling- EPIC FAIL. If it weren't for the bread and butter products, they would be in trouble. I had a family friend just buy an Odyssey over a New Siena or the Chryco twins. I have no idea why though, he paid more for a van that had less features than a comparable Town and Country. Thankfully he bought this model year though, it may be a bit ungainly, but nothing compared to the taped on look of the new one coming out.

  • Accs Accs on Jul 02, 2010

    I am so tired.. of what Honda has been selling lately. I bought Accord cause the size was right and the power was right.. and it was compact, low to the ground... n took off and cornered when I told her to do so. Now.. Im not buying Accord cause shes too damn fat. Civic is a waste of time. The interior isnt worth a shit.. and the drop in nav unit.. I wish I could throw at someone impt at Honda Motor Company. Im tired of them screwing up basic features in the Accord and making it larger. Just because CAMRY gets larger.. DOESNT MEAN YOU NEED TO. This isnt monkey see monkey do.. The a Joke. And those who buy them.. there has to be some weird reason for wanting one. Regardless of the packaging or the weird design. Im tired of Honda putting out these oddities and they wither on the vine. Element has been out a good 5+yrs with nary a design change.. (they changed the construction of the vehicle from grey plastic around the bottom of the car to painted, they changed the front end to mimic the Pilot.. but it still has a shitty motor with shitty fuel economy.. aimed at those who want a Scion.) Im tired of hearing about the CR-Z. I dont care about the crash safety for people walking around.. ya cant tell me ya had to design a pillow into the car to make it meet regs. Im tired of the overbite int he CRV.. and how every body needs the damn thing. Im tired of seeing the basic issues with the rear diff and rear sub structure go untouched.. till the current gen. Im tired of now bringing over cars we want.. like the wagons for Accord, and Hatch for Civic. Dont get me started on the b.s at Acura. There isn't enough paper in the Library of Congress to vent that much hatred. Acura.. is full of fuckups, from the ancient RL, to the pointless ZDX, from the TSX that has the same motor as the TL, to the coming Euro Accord wagon.. without the deisel, or the manual.. or the decent tag... There is nothing.. at Honda thats even REMOTELY interesting.. or fuel efficient. As for Crosstour... I can rant about that.. till Im blue in the face.. and people STILL dont get the point. The damn thing represents A LIE. A giant SMACK in the face. Maybe thats Honda's way these days...

    • Ryan Ryan on Jul 03, 2010

      Full disclosure, Honda is one of my favorite automobile companies. -BUT- I agree with most of what you have said. I am fully on board in disgust with what Acura has become. I cannot agree with your distain for the Fit. I feel it is one of the few true “Honda”(s) left in the United States. I worry, deeply for the direction Honda has been heading.