New Buick Regal (nee Opel Insignia) Slots Beneath New Buick LaCrosse

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

As Old GM’s satellite divisions fly out of orbit, sending the company’s “world car” development plans spinning off into chaos, GM NA is trying to defy gravity with a new, limited product portfolio. Or something like that. Bottom line: Buick is planning to sell the rejigged Opel Insignia—formerly destined to replace the Saturn Aura—as the new Buick Regal. Automotive News [AN, sub] wants readers to clock the fact that the new Regal will slot below the new LaCrosse—because otherwise they might not wonder . . .

“The Insignia, Regal and the 2010 LaCrosse are based on a new mid-sized global vehicle platform.” Never mind Cadillac; the LaCrosse’s product marketing manager claims the car will be positioned “as GM’s most premium large car.” Which makes the Regal their “next most premium not-so-large car?”

Dave McIntyre says the LaCrosse will sticker from “just under” $28,000 (four cylinder) to the low $40s (larger of two V-6 engines). So who’s up for a four-cylinder Buick Regal? Hatch perhaps?

Elsewhere on AN, we learn that “In 2008, 1% of Lexus buyers considered buying a Buick. That figure has stayed at 1 or 2% for 5 years.” Kinda makes Buick’s resurrection look less likely than the Pet Rock, but you can’t blame Government Motors for trying. Can you?

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Akear Akear on Jul 20, 2009

    The 1986 Riveria is a more distinctive looking Buick than this. This has flop city written all over it.

  • Blastman Blastman on Jul 20, 2009

    I generally like the styling of this vehicle -- except the chrome grill. I think a black grill would give the car a better overall appearance.

  • Paris-dakar Paris-dakar on Jul 21, 2009

    This thread is a bit confusing (no surprise since it involves GM's so-called Product 'Planning'). From my understanding GM has 1) The Epsilon LaCrosse, designed for the NA Market from the start, 2) The Epsilon Opel Insignia, which is also the Chinese Buick Regal, which was also going to be Saturn Aura, which is now going to be the NA Buick Regal. Now, are they thinking of adding a 3rd Buick Epsilon to fill the spot of the G6 or are they planning on using the Insignia/Regal/Aura to do that (Which seems a bad idea since the old Aura was much more upscale than the old G6. Seemed bigger, too)? What a mess.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Jul 21, 2009

    @Menno: Pontiac is toast. Or is it? Any word on that Genesee valley dealer who wanted to buy the Pontiac “brand”? Shhhh! Malcolm Bricklin might hear you and get another one of his special little ideas.