Your (US) Government at Work: Car-Related Bills in Congress

Jeff Puthuff
by Jeff Puthuff
your us government at work car related bills in congress

Currently, there are numerous bills in Congress that relate to cars. So many, in fact, that it’s near impossible to keep track of them all. The fine folks at have developed some tools that are enabling TTAC to stay informed on just what’s happening on the Hill. We thought you’d want to know, too. We’re mainly concerned with the scrappage schemes proffered by our representatives, but we’re tracking any bill that has to do with cars or driving.

The list is long. Really long. And growing. But, just because a bill has been introduced doesn’t mean that it will become law. Most bills never make it out of committee and die at the end of session. As we reported earlier, regarding the cash-for-clunkers bill, “Assistant to the Speaker Van Hollen suggested a vote might not take place this year.”

Car-Related Bills in Congress

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  • AJ AJ on May 13, 2009

    However would the good people of America live their lives without all those bills?!

  • Superbadd75 Superbadd75 on May 13, 2009

    The above bill was introduced on April 1, is that a hint? And I'm so glad to see my tax money at work on such a great cause.

  • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on May 13, 2009

    Robert you could start an entire website just to discuss all the car related bills. Some of them are real jokes too. To think these people were elected to office, and this was the best the voters had to choose from. There are 2, 3 or 4 of the same bills in that list and I'm sure many more are coming. The Truth About Car Related Bills in Congress