Kia Number Three Is Peter Schreyer's Number One

Martin Schwoerer
by Martin Schwoerer
kia number three is peter schreyer s number one

One of the things buzzing here at the Geneva Salon is Kia’s No. 3, which, although a concept, is close to what will be marketed in 2010. No. 3 is a mini-minivan built upon the Soul platform, but has an unminivan-strong stance, recognizable personality and some pretty nifty details, such as gold Barbie-leather seats. You could tell Peter Schreyer is proud of this first Kia that is 100% his own design. Pistonheads know Schreyer as the Kraut who was responsible for the first Audi TT and the Audi A2. No 3 is also notable for the new Kia corporate grille, which will intend to make Kias instantly recognizable to one and all. Even to the overtaxed motor-show eye, it works without being ostentatious in an Audi sort of way, so one looks forward to the Schreyer treatment on the upcoming mid-class Kia Magentis. All very nice, but what about the oddtastic name? As the PR lady explained to me, Kia will overhaul all its names around the idea of Number One for the smallest, Number Two for the second smallest . . . . “Gasp, you don’t really intend to call them that, do you?” “No, it’s just an idea”, she replied, “we might call them K1, K2, K3 etc, or something else—we’ll see”. Well, that’s a relief.

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  • Evan is a Robot Evan is a Robot on Mar 04, 2009

    So will the Number Two come with an eye patch?

  • SpacemanSpiff SpacemanSpiff on Mar 04, 2009

    Autoblog just posted some pictures from the show floor, it looks pretty good to me in dark grey

  • TonyJZX TonyJZX on Mar 04, 2009

    probably designed by another german i wonder what kool aid Hyundai/Kia are drinking their production and concept models of late have been well designed, well received and design to sell the big 2.8 do well to take a lesson because the Koreans are eating their lunch

  • Martin Schwoerer Martin Schwoerer on Mar 05, 2009 all I know is what I read in Wikipedia... Sorry that stuff is German. Would you be kind enough to cite a reference for the (believable) statement regarding J Mays?