By on February 18, 2009

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17 Comments on “Worldwide Auto Inventory Glut in Pictures...”

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    It looks as though there are plenty of previous-generation Accords and TSXs in photo #6…I would think that they would be long gone by now. How current are these photos?

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    I think the sixth picture of all the Hondas is at least 4 or 5 years old. Those look like previous-gen Accords, before the taillight update, circa 2004-2005.

    Still…that’s a lot of cars. Wonder if Jaguar would be willing to deal on one of those calcifying XFs…

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    You guys don’t miss a trick. I’ll dig up the date. But remember: these are shots from around the world.

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    Nissan stocking their proving grounds with vehicles is actually kind of amusing.

    Anyone with recent flyover shots of the usual acres of Chryslers parked at DTW Metro?

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    Wow. Where is #12?

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    Without more info, theses pictures are meaningless. My guess is that lots of factories, maybe most, have parking lots for staging output before it ships. Certainly a ship load of cars won’t be immediately loaded onto trains or truck haulers as they come off the ship. So it could be that the normal situation is that there are lots at various place in the world at any one time that have huge numbers of product.

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    Almost all of these shots look like the Port of Newark every time I have driven past it in the past 20 years. Lots of cars in a big lot means nothing. Seen it a million times.

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    Would probably be more informative to just post a link to where these photos came from:

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    Seems like dealers have no place to put there cars on the lot so they arent ordering any more thus the pileup. there was an article in WSJ about this and man if you saw the pictures at the port, vehicle were piled high and this was just 2 months ago. however I am in a dilema, I am trying to buy a honda product and dealers aren’t willing to deal. even a used one i cant get it cheap.

    If anyone out there know’s of good deal let me know.

    04-07 acura TL’s or RL’ around $12K
    or 06 to 07 accord exl for around $10K.

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    With all due respect, just look at a dealership. I am looking for a new truck and no matter what dealership I visit, (usually every friday night and saturday afternoon) I am 1 of 2 customers in the whole place. Taking my colorado for service 2 weeks ago, I was the only person there at classic chevrolet in moorestown at 8:30 a.m. 2 years ago a dealership in my area looked like a party on a friday night, but thats New jersey. I dont know when the shots were taken, but I do know nothing is selling. They are piling up somewhere!

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    The first rule of supply & demand says, when supply exceeds demand, stop producing supply.

    If these pics are what they are claimed to be, “they’re screwed.”


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    If anyone out there know’s of good deal let me know.

    04-07 acura TL’s or RL’ around $12K
    or 06 to 07 accord exl for around $10K.

    If used Honda/Acura’s can be had at those prices, used 2.8 metal will have to be moving for $5k or less. The main reason the dealers aren’t willing to deal is because they cannot afford to sell at a loss. Sooner than later the manufacturers are gonna have to backstop the dealer’s losses just to clear out the inventory. Friend is looking to buy right now but keeps limping along his old ride/carpooling because “the deals will only get better as I wait.” I don’t disagree.

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    Hmmm, I will have to have a look around here for the customary Chrysler holding pens…

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    Geo. Levecque

    The two GM dealers we have in this small area of SW Ontario, one dealer has lots of Vehicles, mainly Trucks not sold while the other dealer does not have many vehicles on his large lot, I asked my local garage(non dealer) who said that the one dealer was not ordering in any new vehicles at the moment but who knows, I do know that a lot of older people I see at the local Super Market seem to be driving smaller cars especially Honda Civics and Toyota Corolla’s, a few years back these same folks would have been driving Chevs and Fords I would think, times change!

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    I have no idea of the days supply, but here in CT Hyundai had a hot weekend. We were swamped all 3 days, and I have spent the last 2 days taking endless calls for swaps on the Santa Fe. The dealers I talked to all had busy weekends. Everyone seems to be out, but we just got 14 2008!? Santa Fe’s in last week. I guess my crazy manager isn’t so crazy after all. This month I have sold 3 new Hyundais at full MSRP.

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    I’d buy THAT for a dollar!

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    Robert, how about starting a competition to identify as many of these “graveyards” as possible using Google satellite maps?

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