What's Wrong With This Picture?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
what s wrong with this picture
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  • ChuckR ChuckR on Dec 22, 2008

    Is that the Cobo Center in the background? If you had never seen a Corvette or a Ferrari, then the only truly objectionable thing about this (other than the expense of replacing perfectly fine Corvette body parts) is the egg crate grill. The 308-esque C buttresses can go away too.

  • No_slushbox No_slushbox on Dec 22, 2008
    Ronnie Schreiber: I'm from Chicago. It was kind of swampy, but we burned it down and started over; it's rather nice now. I know that Detroit is doing that on a house-by-house basis, but sometimes it just works better to do the whole city all at once. We let our failed companies (United, Tribune, etc.) fail, instead of begging for bailouts. It seems to keep the city vibrant. And I've never seen anyone's car get vandalized in Chicago unless they fell behind on paying protection money to their alderman. The joke was not really that an angry autoworker would vandalize this car for being foreign, but that an angry autoworker would vandalize this car for being foreign even though it's just a rebodied Corvette. I, like most other people, have no problem with Detroit. We just mind its self righteous sense of entitlement. -The Detroit automakers have nothing to do with national defense (except for in the past, when they also helped the Nazis). -The Detroit automakers would have failed even without a financial crisis, and contributed to the financial crisis with their captive finance arms. -The money given to the Detroit automakers is in no way a "loan", it is just money being thrown down the drain until a time in their future when their failures will be less inconvenient. That some people from the Detroit area insist on lying about all of the above to get what, absent some kind of bankruptcy, will be never ending bailouts tends to annoy the rest of the country.

  • Rod Panhard Rod Panhard on Dec 22, 2008

    If I had a nice bunker like that, I wouldn't spoil the view by parking THAT car down range of my weaponry.

  • Phil Roast Beef Phil Roast Beef on Dec 22, 2008

    Isn't Innotech the name of the company where the guys in Office Space worked? http://www.motorauthority.com/innotech-corvette-c6-taps-italian-design-themes.html