Obligatory Between Bad News Car-Related Post: New BMW 1-Series Aftermarket Tail Light

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
obligatory between bad news car related post new bmw 1 series aftermarket tail light
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  • Kevin Kluttz Kevin Kluttz on Dec 03, 2008

    Taillights in black and white? Is this some kind of new color-blindness technology? Seems it could cause problems, among those, being VERY ugly. People do this to Hondas and should be executed.

  • Beken Beken on Dec 03, 2008

    Alright...made me smile (okay...laugh) between all that D3 bad news. Almost made me want to go out and buy an American car...

  • JEC JEC on Dec 03, 2008

    It may be technically legal, but that won't stop some blowhard cop from giving you a ticket for it. Ask anyone with a Charger SRT in Montreal, among other vehicles that come with clear lenses as stock. They've been ticketing people for chrome exhaust TIPS. Not fart cans, just the pipe tips. What were talking about again?