UAW Boss Big Ron Gettelfinger to D2.8: NSF Off

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

“Even as Detroit’s Big Three teeter on collapse,” The Detroit News [finally] concedes. “United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger said Saturday that workers will not make any more concessions and that getting the automakers back on their feet means figuring out a way to turn around the slumping economy. ‘The focus has to be on the economy as a whole as opposed to a UAW contract,” Gettelfinger told reporters on a conference call, noting the labor costs now make up 8 percent to 10 percent of the cost of a vehicle. “‘We have made dramatic, dramatic changes and the UAW was applauded for that.'” And speaking of applause, GM CEO Rick Wagoner ought to give Big Ron a big hand; the UAW boss is towing the party line on the Motown meltdown. “”We’re here not because of what the auto industry has done,” Ronny G said. “We’re here because of what has happened to the economy.” But wait! More high fives to follow. Gettelfinger dismissed any talk of a GM (Ford or Chrysler) Chapter 11 with a Wagoneresque “Would you buy a car from a bankrupt automaker?”

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Rcguy Rcguy on Nov 16, 2008

    While it can be argued that the UAW gave back some significant concessions, they waited until it was too late to make a differrance. Nobody wants to lower their standard of living, and everyone,(not in a service job) can lose out to foreign low wages. Even design and engineering can be out-sourced ie. Saturn Aura, to Korea and Buick to China. So what "globilization" is all about is dragging the middle class NA worker down to global standards. So called race to the bottom, and this is not just an auto industry issue. This link is interesting re. Ron G.

  • Sutures Sutures on Nov 16, 2008
    Bozoer Rebbe : "Apparently it’s a crime, to some, for industrial workers who actually make stuff to earn a comfortable living." As an engineer stuck between the "not my concern" hot air at the top of the ladder and the "not my job" cesspool at the bottom; allow me to say this... "F-U and your comfortable living!" I planned, went and now am paying for 75k (16k left to pay) worth of education only to see my paychecks get hacked and slashed through this bullcrap. I'm basically working poor and one paycheck away from loosing what little I have. Where's my comfortable living guarantee? Put your unionized pound of flesh on the table with the rest of us.
  • Cmcmail Cmcmail on Nov 16, 2008

    A quick check at the UAW home page, revealed to me that my last 2 Toyota Tacoma's have been endorsed by their "Buy Domestic" campaign. It seems they are at least hedging their bets as to the Detroit 3's survival. In Canada less than 40% of the CAW has anything to do with auto work, the union is busy moving on to their next wave of "Due's payers" and industries that are about to have the life choked out of them. Up here they elected a guy named "Buzz" to run the union, no kidding.

  • Moju Moju on Nov 16, 2008

    Hey, UAW.... You've made a crapload of money for being unskilled and under-worked (not referring to tradesmen). It's time to be grateful for it all and concede to the fact that you were way over compensated. Do you think welfare is better than fair pay? Are you so proud that you would rather take everyone down with you than accept the truth? Yeah, it sucks to work in a hot plant, repeating mindless tasks...That is why sane people attempt to better themselves so they can get out of there. I'm sure its not easy when you've been conditioned by ridiculous wages and benefits unlike anything the majority of American's get for the work done...but concede already! Take your insane buyout money and move out of the way for Americans that would be grateful to do your job for half the pay. And as far as management bonuses...Management obviously holds the same mentality as the Union. No loans without new managment and reasonable UAW contracts!