Opel Insignia Wins 2009 European Car of the Year

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
opel insignia wins 2009 european car of the year

Even as Opel looks set to leave GM’s cratering corporate mothership, the German division has scooped top honors in the European Car of the Year (ECOTY, although UK buff book EVO also claims that acronym). Oops! Did I say Opel? I mean Vauxhall. The British brand under which GM products are sold in the UK. Other than Chevrolet and Cadillac, which are also sold throughout Europe, although, in the UK, not so much that you’d require more than your two hands to count them. Anyway, the methodology used to bang the gong (and get it on) is beyond question. ECOTY is judged by a panel of 59 swag-scarfing, press car luxuriating journos members, representing 23 European countries. The Motor Authority reports that “National representation on the panel is related to the size of the country’s car market and its importance in car manufacturing, with France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Spain topping the list with six members each… Of the total 59 judges, 20 gave the Insignia top points, while 19 put the Fiesta in first place.” And Sweden showed it no love at all. See the votes by judge here.

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  • Hal Hal on Nov 17, 2008

    @Robert Schwartz: 2010 LaCrosse, 2011 Aura, 2012 Malibu

  • Ingvar Ingvar on Nov 17, 2008

    Hal: Aren't those indefinitely postponed? I mean, if GM is postponing any r&d til after 2010, they won't be out, if at all, until sometimes 2014.

  • ToolGuy "At risk of oversimplification, a heat pump takes ambient air, compresses it, and then uses the condenser’s heat to warm up the air it just grabbed from outside."• This description seems fairly dramatically wrong to me.
  • SCE to AUX The UAW may win the battle, but it will lose the war.The mfrs will never agree to job protections, and production outsourcing will match any pay increases won by the union.With most US market cars not produced by Detroit, how many people really care about this strike?
  • El scotto My iPhone gets too hot while using the wireless charging in my BMW. One more line on why someone is a dumbazz list?
  • Buickman yeah, get Ron Fellows each time I get a Vette. screw Caddy.
  • Dusterdude The Detroit 2.5 did a big disservice by paying their CEO’s so generously ( overpaying them ) It is a valid talking point for for the union ) However , the bottom line - The percentage of workers in the private sector who have a defined benefit pension plan is almost non existent - and the reason being is it’s unaffordable ! . This is a a huge sticking point as to have lower tier workers join would be prohibitive ( aside from other high price demands being requested - ie >30% wage gain request ) . Do the math - can a company afford to pay employees for 35 years , followed by funding a pension for a further 30 years ?