Hammer Time: And Aveo We Go!

hammer time and aveo we go

Sometimes it’s the stingiest person who pays too much. Case in point. A 2007 Chevy Aveo with no a/c, ugly gray color, and wheel covers made out of recycled Chinese plastic. Yours truly was the high bidder on this 25k mile car for only $4000. It was a reasonable offer given the lightning quick depreciation of any stripper in Atlanta. In Georgia, no a/c in a car means no customers. Nada! In fact, the neighborhood Kia dealer used to give them away if the customer in question would finance a regular Rio. Some people never learn.

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  • Blautens Blautens on Nov 10, 2008

    I have the perfect customer (even, if not especially, in the warm south). You should sell that Aveo to a residential security company - no A/C will force the rentacops to keep the windows down - better to listen to their environment when on patrol.

  • Stingray Stingray on Nov 10, 2008

    @ Steven Lang Give them away as FREE?

  • DweezilSFV DweezilSFV on Nov 10, 2008

    Geotpf: Rydell's in Van Nuys CA. regularly stocks them w/out A/c, but they do have an AC kit installed for an extra $54.oo in case you want to add it down the road.

  • DweezilSFV DweezilSFV on Nov 10, 2008

    More Hammer Time. I really love these.