Desperate Hummer H3 Prices Still Too High

desperate hummer h3 prices still too high

With things, erm, being as they are right now (economy in the toilet, SUVs being hugely unpopular, nobody buying cars, GM on the verge of evaporating and floating to China), Hummers are about as desirable as herpes. Although the Red Tag sale price of the H3 5-cylinder is floating around $26,000, there’s still a sub-basement. Some highlights from around the sales (or no sales) on FleaBay, Swapalease, and AutoTrader:

—2009 Hummer H3 – $22,985.00 – 13 miles – Optimistically want a 100% cash payment. eBay Motors

–2008 Hummer H3 Alpha – V8 engine – $34,900 – 1854 miles – Oh come on. eBay Motors

–2008 Hummer H3 – $322/month – 4000 miles so far, 30 months remaining, 28500 miles remaining. Swapalease

–2008 Hummer H3 – $18,717 – 15,048 miles – Listed as new – might never have been titled. Autotrader

–2008 Hummer H3 – $22,291 – 4143 miles – stick shift is actually marginally cool. Autotrader

–2009 Hummer H3 – $21,995 – Brand new – classic “one at this price.” Team Chevrolet Hummer, Pasadena

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  • Qwerty Qwerty on Nov 24, 2008

    New for $22K! LOL. The reason for Hummer hate given by owners is often people are jealous because they cannot afford one. It was always a bogus argument, but now it's just funny. By the time Hummers are collectors items, gas will cost $30/gallon, everyone will be driving small electric cars made of carbon fiber, and vehicles the size of Hummers won't be legal to drive without a commercial driver license. Even then the only Hummer worth collecting will be an H1.

  • Areitu Areitu on Nov 25, 2008
    Stein X Leikanger : November 24th, 2008 at 1:54 pm My friends, this is nothing. You can go to Hong Kong and buy a Bentley Continental, with all the extras, used one year, for USD 18.000 CNN had a report from a luxury car reseller who had a parking garage full of automotive excellence waiting for excellent cash - and he wasn’t offering firesale prices, these were earthquake quotes. Rolls Royce, dozens of Astons, Bentleys — and cheap. I speak chinese. Let me know where this nice gentleman lives.

  • Skippity Noticeable as an Paseo. Maybe I'll see it differently live.
  • Tagbert I had this JX, though mine was a 5-speed in dark green. Got it when I lived in the mountains in Colorado. That was a fun little beast. Not super fast, but it could go just about anywhere. Put it into the low speed on the transfer case and that thing would just creep forward. The interior was not fancy but it held up well to lots of outdoor activities. I could hold lots of gear. Later when I moved away, it still proved useful. I was an unofficial “roadie” for my boyfriend and his band. Could get all their gear into it. The in-town gas mileage was around 25 mph which is pretty good. On the downside, the highway mileage was maybe 26 mph 😊.
  • Skippity I had a 308 in the 80's. Said Matchbox on the bottom.
  • ToolGuy When The Grand Tour covered the Manx way back in 2016, my first thought was "That would make an ideal EV candidate." Range is not an issue, lightweight, torquey, quiet and harmonious with nature (to the end user).Could I be a prophet??
  • BetterOne Not sure where you got your info from, Corey, but in North America the 2020 Cadenza continued on with the direct-injected 3.3L Lambda II V6. Apart from a larger infotainment screen, the 2020 was notably decontented from the prior model, too - no HUD or power rear sunshade, for example.