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by Justin Berkowitz
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When there’s less to do, it’s harder to get things done. This is a rule. The same as the one about peanut butter and dogs. Anyway, Robert and I spoke about all things bailout on Wednesday. And in other news, the V8 version of the Pontiac G8 gets better pricing with every day – 2008 model year cars with under 10,000 miles are going for the mid $20k range on eBay Motors. This particular one, with 8900 miles, is marginally even broken in and it’s only $23,900. Beats the heck out of the $32,000 MSRP this thing originally had. Imagine how cheap these beasts will be in a year.

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  • Loser Loser on Nov 20, 2008

    Yes $23,900 does beat $32,000 MSRP but who's paying MSRP for anything right now? I bet in a few months you'll be able to buy a new one for not much over 26-27. MSRPon my '06 GTO was $33,000 and I got it for $27,500.

  • Guyincognito Guyincognito on Nov 20, 2008

    Make no mistake Ford dropped a whole F load of cash on the failed D3 platform, probably over a month's worth.

  • SpacemanSpiff SpacemanSpiff on Nov 20, 2008

    Hey, I see the Truth Vs. Fiends podcast on the Autofiends site. Why isn't my iTunes TTAC subscription picking them up? I can't find the Autofiends podcast in iTunes.

  • Justin Berkowitz Justin Berkowitz on Nov 20, 2008

    @SpacemanSpiff: iTunes only picks up podcasts posted on www.thetruthaboutcars.com. I'd post the autofiends one here, too, but we're having some technical issues. Should be sorted out soon.