Daily Podcast: Justin Case

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
daily podcast justin case

When Justin began this, his first week as TTAC’s new ME, I warned him that running the site was like playing a slot machine. Posting blogs, editorials and reviews for our best and Brightest is a highly addictive process. In fact, as someone far more dead than I once said, the trick to life is to find something you love to do and not do too much of it. In this I’ve failed miserably. Oh well, my Lexapro is your gain. Here’s hoping the new guy has enough sense to know when to, as Lord Humongous said, “Just walk away.” And while I’m throwing quotes around, here’s one more. “This wasn’t the auto industry’s request. It was in the energy bill that was passed last year. When they cranked up fuel economy requirements, in that bill they provided $25 billion worth of loan guarantees to help auto manufacturers and suppliers retool to produce vehicles that could achieve those levels. When you take a look at the broader section of potential customers that might draw on that line of credit, it becomes apparent that maybe $50 billion might be an appropriate number. It accelerates the introduction of technology in the market to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and improve greenhouse gas emissions. It’s not a loan bailout, and it’s not because the U.S. car companies are distressed.” As long as people like Jim Press say shit like that, there will be people like Justin Berkowitz itching to tell the truth about cars. And thank God for that.

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  • Hraefn Hraefn on Sep 05, 2008

    Now I have to watch Road Warrior again.

  • on Sep 05, 2008

    Uh yeah, that $25B just happened to appear in the energy bill. I bet the D3 were lobbying against the inclusion of $25B in loan guarantees. Seeing as how healthy they are, they wouldn't want something like $25B in loan guarantees possibly ruining their reputation.

  • Pnnyj Pnnyj on Sep 05, 2008

    "dampened" ? No wonder the suspension setup is disappointing.

  • Lichtronamo Lichtronamo on Sep 05, 2008

    Get Jim Press some Lexapro - it works wonders for me too.