Daily Podcast: Justin Time?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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Or not, in this case. Sorry guy, I got back from Beantown kinda late and I sent you an email and you weren't in and Jonny was hot to trot so… we threw this proverbial shrimp on the e-barbie. But I heard the good news, that will surely turn Mr. Lieberman green with envy (JL being a perfect example of a hypocritical hyper-car loving tree hugger): Mercedes is lending you a C63 AMG. Now THAT ought to be fun. Although God knows how we're going to get a Mercedes dealer– sorry, AMG dealer– to lend us a C63 so we can do a mini-review and honor my pledge not to rely on pampered press cars for TTAC review. But the good news (for you and me and not Jonny) is that A) You're going to drive and review a Mercedes C63 AMG for TTAC and B) Mercedes joins the list of automobile manufacturers who don't hate TTAC on sight (site?), any more. Not that we need their love. But their respect is nice. It tells us there are those on the other side of this business who "get it." Meanwhile, don't feel too bad for Jonny. He says he's getting a BMW M3 to review on our behalf. Perhaps you two should meet-up somewhere in the mid-west near our Captain Solo's base. Now wouldn't that be something?

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Jurisb Jurisb on Apr 09, 2008

    What I like about Merc and her AMG ( Ah My God)tribecan bastard is that I never get envious at her designs. If an I.A.D. Venus or some elegant Pininfarina perversion passed me by I usually end up either pulling out my hair and cursing all the mainstream designs or burning with such a glee, that I cocncoct a plan to rob a Chase Manhattan just to get that 4 wheeled baby in my bedroom.., I mean garage. Not the Merc case. Already being mainstreamed by uberdesigners with sandpaper in one hand and necktie in other,as if it wasn`t enough , they had to pass the torch to some AMG that added even more amateur tuning elements, including illogical shark gills and neverending chaos of wrinkles on sides as if the car has ben pulled through some aborigenese bush.( sorry, but it is so pleasant to type `bush ` without capitals.)Ok, so as if pulled through bush.And you know what ,those HP numbers don`t seduce me, nor do the drilled brake rotors or uberacceleration or adequate G-numbers.A car that wants to be a serious elegance frontrunner, yet entering metropolitan opera in some Ah mY God Adidas outfit.

  • Seoultrain Seoultrain on Apr 09, 2008

    woah, you called him Robert. that was weird :) Edit: I didn't realize it was JL.