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berkpic.jpgJustin's got a job. A real job. Of course, TTAC's Managing Editor and myself excepted, everyone who writes for this website's got a real job. But props to Justin for landing a government gig. The position will pay-off his student loans, put a roof over his head, keep him off the streets and give him an opportunity to be glad-handed by President Bush. Although I fully expect this work to lead to a world-class whistle-blower moment (and, thus, a six-figure movie deal), I'm glad my tax dollars will soon be supporting Justin in the lifestyle to which his girlfriend is accustomed. Justin's a tireless worker with a sardonic sense of humor (regular listeners and readers will know that already). He'll be relocating to LA, and continuing to contribute news, reviews and blog items to this website on a need-to-know basis. Of course, the podcasting will have to cease (which is ironic, considering his Question of the Day). I'll be auditioning contributors for a suitable replacement. But Justin will be missed.

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14 Comments on “Daily Podcast: Justin Time...”

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    Shoot! You and Justin go well together.

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    BMW’s making 40,000 X6s for 2008, half of which are destined for the USA. 20,000 sold this quickly? Was there really a pent-up demand for a four-door coupe on stilts?

    Someone spec’d a fully loaded X6, and it came to $75K+, which isn’t quite S-Class territory, but still a pretty penny.

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    Why not use a mix of everyone who wants to do it?

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    Justin, good luck to you. Happy the hear that you’ve found a niche. I hope you can contribute to this site still (however, I know how a full time gig can cut into such).

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    All the best of luck to Justin, I hope the working world treats you well. I’m sure all seven of us can agree that you and Robert make an engaging and enjoyable podcasting team. Keep the blogs, editorials and reviews coming as best as you can.

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    Ahhh, it had to happen. All the best, Justin. Maybe, just maybe, your government job will leave you more free time than my software gig.

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    Wow, just when I started to think of the Robert/Justin duo as an indelible part of my day. Best of luck to you Justin!

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    Have fun in the government, Justin, and make sure you’re not too idealistic. My wife works with the government a lot, and she’s amazed by how long things take to be done.

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    Maybe Justin and I can do more of those ‘two-take’ reviews like he and Lieberman did for the 128i…:-D…

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    Justin, keep in mind that the first priority of any government organization in the U.S. regardless of their stated mission is self preservation. Their stated mission/purpose comes second.

    That’s great for job and benefits security. Not so good for an idealistic mover and shaker that wants to change the world or just move a program through in a timely manner. If you hunker down and learn to protect your turf you’ll fit right in.

    Good luck!

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    Justin –

    I’ve worked for the government. You’ll have plenty of time to podcast.

    And I’ll second the comments above…I had a tough time watching mouth breathers stand in the way of…well, everything…eventually the lure of private enterprise (and by lure, I mean the paycheck) saps all the real talent – so don’t wait long to jump ship.

    Congratulations, though. Hopefully, the will to succeed won’t be sucked out of you before you escape…

    Was it just me or did the volume crash once or twice?

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    Remember to enjoy the journey Mr. B, thats what its about.

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    I’m glad my tax dollars will soon be supporting Justin in the lifestyle to which his girlfriend is accustomed.

    So lame, yet still so funny…

    Working for the government is fine, as long as it doesn’t involve the CIA or the FBI…

    Not that I would really know what those are doing, but in movies it’s almost never good.

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    Congratulations Justin.

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