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Sometimes I am astounded by how much content we generate on this site. Astounded in the sense of blurred vision, caffeine jitters and Daaaaaaddddyyyyyyy! Come NOW! Not to mention (although you know I'm about to) an inability to produce coherent thoughts. OK, a more-pronounced-than-usual inability to tap these keys in some kind of entertaining, informative, auto-oriented fashion. In my defense, I write plenty o' blogs, the odd editorial [sic] and edit every single word before it enters our little corner of cyberspace– other than our commentators' efforts. Whose entries I read without exception. Well, I take exception to a few, but you get my drift. Which is what I'm doing now, I suppose. Anyway, yesterday, I ran out of podcast posting time. This week, the news bear has been chasing us (Frank, me and the boys) like we're smothered in honey (as if). Even as I type, Frank's catching-up on the remainder of yesterday's posts– a tactic we normally leave to Autoblog. And I have miles to go before I sleep. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Front line web work is not for wimps. I salute the troops and resume command (in a completely non-arrogant but still alpha dog kind of way). That is all.

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  • John R John R on May 09, 2008

    I have to point out something about previous GT-Rs. There were never cheap. I don't have the energy to do the math, but historically when it comes to price - think Bimmer M3 not Evo/STi. Like $55k-65k.

  • KixStart KixStart on May 09, 2008

    Other vehicles with "side lights" (extra windows forward of the front doors) include, IIRC, the Aerostar and the Lumina. And Toyota hasn't seen its profits decline 28% yet... it's a forecast. April sales may have put the handrwiting on the wall, of course.

  • JJ JJ on May 09, 2008
    Other vehicles with “side lights” (extra windows forward of the front doors) include, IIRC, the Aerostar and the Lumina. Lamborghini Gallardo...
  • ZCline ZCline on May 09, 2008

    I think the 'first' Skyline was the R32. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_Skyline#R32 But looking at that, it seems they go all the way back to R30! They certainly don't make this easy for this, the Japanese love their letter monikers.