Total Recall: Ten Largest Auto Recalls of All Time

If there’s a product recall that illustrates a particularly important point– like the GM hot fluid windshield wiper story (I’m getting to it)– TTAC will cover it. Otherwise, no; if we didn’t cover all recalls, it would look like we were picking-on a particular manufacturer– and we can’t have that now can we? But this recall story from works for me because, well, it’s someone else’s blog. AND it fits into a genre that normally annoys the pee out of me, that helps lift TTAC’s numbers every year (i.e. our forthcoming Ten Worst awards). AND it makes me wonder how a lawyer who runs a site called can drive anything other than a lemon. AND the story lets me play around with this gallery thing, which is also annoying the pee out of me right now. So, here are David J. Gorberg & Associates’ rogue’s gallery, for which the Lord should make him truly grateful.

total recall ten largest auto recalls of all time

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  • Greg Locock Greg Locock on Oct 09, 2008

    "6. The Ford Pinto. Do I really need to elaborate? Detroit beancounters don’t want to reinforce defective gas tank, leading to a car that exploded when rear ended that would subsequently roast its passengers. PR disaster ensues. Somehow, Ford continued to produce this thing until 1981, when it was replaced by the Escort." Ahem. Deaths in fires were no more (per car sold)than for equivalent models from other manufacturers. What is really funny/sad is that the jury awarded punitive damages because they were horrified by the idea of a cost benefit analysis being carried out. This was used to establish whether it was worth spending money to improve safety. It is ironic that a CBA is now a standard method for assessing whether to put safety systems in, across many industries.

    • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Jan 28, 2010

      And many of these CBA's were based on the CBA created by DOT, and the value/human life therein, for determining the appropriate design for safety barriers on the Interstates.

  • Polishdon Polishdon on Oct 10, 2008

    MgoBLUE : Polishdon : No Chrysler ??? except for two, all GM & Ford. Maybe Chrysler’s are not as bad as everyone believes ?? Hard to recall 500,000 cars when you only make 100,000. You beat me to it! Well.... I do recall several Chysler recalls, and chrysler does sell more the 100K cars! And they tend to use the same part on ALOT of their cars (i.e. 2.7L engine, Transmision, etc). Heck if you go back, Chrysler made EVERYTHING off the K-Car! So, if there was a recall, then it would be huge, right?? I've had my share of problems with Chrysler, Ford and GM cars over the years. Heck, Ford soaked me for $1500 with the defective plastic intake on my Town Car becasue the repair was outside the arbitrary "claim period" they set.

  • FreedMike In unrelated news, my left shoulder has gotten used to me patting it with my right hand, while saying “man, were you smart for buying last year before this all got out of hand.”
  • FreedMike I’d like to say I’m outraged and won’t buy anything from GM, but aside from a Stingray or a CT5 V Blackwing, they don’t make a damn thing I want anyway.
  • FreedMike Well, given that the plastic “wrap,” featuring any number of colors ranging from off-the-wall to utterly obnoxious, is now a thing, maybe these guys figured they’d get a piece of the action.
  • SCE to AUX Hyundai still gives 3 years of Bluelink for free, then it's $99/year after that. I like it, and I pay for it.I agree that GM is just finding a way to raise prices, but what happens after 3 years - does OnStar disappear?This isn't different from other moves by mfrs. For instance, many drop the FWD option and standardize on AWD, while raising prices $1500. Few people complain about that.
  • KevinB I have three vehicles with OnStar solely for the purpose of accident response. Everything else they offer is useless to me because Bluetooth pairs my phone and car for hands free calls, Android Auto pairs with my newest car just fine, and if my car gets stolen, I don't ever want to see it again. The monthly diagnostics report in my email are also a good thing, but roadside service is a joke. My older cars, however, will cease operating by the end of the year because 2g/3g will go away. GM has no plans to retrofit an upgrade to these cars. It makes me wonder how many subscriptions they will be losing because of this.