Autoextremist: Chrysler Merger Rumors Indicate the End is Nigh

autoextremist chrysler merger rumors indicate the end is nigh

The autoblogosphere’s self-styled Autoextremist normally posts every Wednesday. So you know things are OOC when Peter DeLorenzo feels compelled to unleash his weekly rant on a Monday. A good thing too; Sweet Pete knocks one out of the park. “Let me get this straight right off the bat,” DeLorenzo writes late in the fifth inning. “The reality of a merger between GM and Chrysler would be an unmitigated disaster of incalculable proportion, one that would decimate both companies… When you have one company that has too many models, too many divisions and too many dealers, how could you possibly think that combining that company with another company that has too many models, too many divisions and too many dealers would be a good idea?” Beats me. Having dispensed with that little piece of business, DeLorenzo is ready to predict ChryCo’s T.O.D. “With Cerberus being ‘done’ with Chrysler, the fate of the auto company based in Auburn Hills has been set. Within six months, Chrysler will be taken over or ‘parted out.’ Either way, Chrysler will cease to exist as we know it by next spring, if not sooner.” From there, it’s GM’s turn…

“As hard as it may be to believe, GM may be next up behind Chrysler to face elimination, consolidation or ruination. The first 100 years for GM blew by in a blur. The next twelve months, on the other hand, are shaping up to be an excruciatingly painful siege that could determine the very existence of the company.” Welcome to the Realist’s Club, Pete– although I get the idea that DeLorenzo would like nothing better than to backtrack on this gloomy scenario, if someone should rid GM of that troublesome man (CEO Rick Wagoner).

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  • Menno Menno on Oct 14, 2008

    Right on, getacargetacheck. They could go hat in hand to a spurned and burned ex-partner and within literally two months, have a better car than the Dodge Avenger on the lots ready to sell, manufactured right in America. A rebadged/regrilled Mitsubishi Galant. The four cylinder version AND the very hot 3.8 V6 performance version. In comparison tests, the Galant may not be in the top 1/2 of the class, but it always beats hell out of Sebring/Avenger. How about calling it the Dodge Dart? May as well have a few people with memories going back, give it a 2nd look and even possibly buying it.... Then the Nissan Altima rebadged/regrilled car could replace the Chrysler Sebring. Four and V6. Call it the Chrysler Crown. Hey, why not? You beat me to it, willbodine.

  • Michael Karesh Michael Karesh on Oct 14, 2008

    I gave Chrysler up for dead soon after Cerberus took over, and keep having to remind myself that they're not dead yet.