Rick Wagoner Says The Sky's the Limit, GM Looks to Launch GMNext 2.0

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
rick wagoner says the skys the limit gm looks to launch gmnext 2 0

Information Week reports that GM will be relaunching GMNext as a PR brainwashing social networking site. Apparently, they think it will make a difference. “It’s hard to put a specific dollar value on this but it’s something we have to do,” GM social media manager Natalie Johnson declared, before refusing to reveal how much GM is spending on the re-hype. Johnson cited CEO Rick Wagoner’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” video as an example of how the internet allows executives to “answer some tough questions in a very candid and frank way.” Uh, hang on; the Wagoner clip was on GM’s FastLane blog, not the [existing] GMNext website. Anyway, here’s the CEO’s one and only reply to 73 comments…

To everyone who’s commented,

Thanks for your terrific feedback. We appreciate your passion, ideas and support. This gives us a good idea of what’s on your mind. Unfortunately, I’m unable to respond to all of your comments individually right now, but I have read them. Over the next few weeks other GM leaders will offer their perspective about different areas of the company, and you’ll continue to see GM team members respond to many of your specific questions. That said, I would like to thank Ben for his CTS-V purchase; and please tell your girlfriend that I hope she enjoys her new Sky.

It was great to see many of the comments about the Chevy Volt. Since the beginning, we’ve been open in discussing the Volt’s development, progress, and challenges. Perhaps it makes the Volt’s production date seem a long way off, but at the same time, hopefully it’s interesting to be able to look through the same microscope we are. I agree with those who say Volt isn’t the only solution — it’s clearly not, which is why we offer many hybrids today, have 18 2009 vehicles that achieve 30 mpg or higher highway fuel economy, and are doing extensive work in biofuels, including cellulosic.

I assure you that the GM team is working hard to reinvent the automobile and our company . . . and we’re doing it in the midst of a very challenging environment, but we know we can win.

Thanks again for your interest and comments, and please keep them coming.


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  • JuniorMint JuniorMint on Sep 30, 2008

    Did you have to go there, JC? These days, Bush-bashes are as innocuous as Garfield cartoons.

  • KrohmDohm KrohmDohm on Sep 30, 2008

    "have 18 2009 vehicles that achieve 30 mpg or higher" How many of these are the same model rebadged to another GM brand? PR Fluff.

  • Dave M. I think I last listened to AM after 9/11, but the talk radio cesspool took its toll on my mental health. Prior to that I last listened to AM in the '70s....I'm a 20-year XM subscriber; Apple Music also has me in its grip. For traffic conditions I use Waze, which I've found to be highly reliable.
  • Art Vandelay Install shortwave so I can get numbers stations
  • THX1136 Radio World has been talking about this for a few years now. The public perception of AM has done much to malign it. As some have pointed out, there are parts of the country that work well with AM, especially when considering range. Yes indeed, there are options. To me that's what this is more about. The circuitry for AM is probably all on one chip now - or close to it. It cannot be a matter of cost - even at the inflated manufacturer asking price. Making what appears to be an arbitrary decision and reducing choice seems unwise in the area of radio in vehicles.Some have commented that they never listen to AM 'so I'm not missing it'. I'm guessing that many folks don't use ALL the features their many devices offer. Yet, they are still there for those occasions when one wants to avail themselves. Bottom line for me is it should still be an available option for the folks out there that, for whatever reason, want to access AM radio. Side note: Top 40 radio on AM was where all the music I listened to as a youth (55 years ago) came from, there were few (if any) FM stations at that time that carried the format. FM was mostly classical and talk and wasn't ubiquitously available in a portable form - AM was. FYI, the last I knew all stations - AM & FM - still have to have an EAS system as part of their broadcast chain. It's tested by the FCC at least once a year and all stations must be able to pass along the alert messages or face action from the FCC to correct the situation.
  • Robert I don't know why they don't use a knob for the gear shifter on the console like in the Ford Fusion. Takes up a lot less space than a shifter on the console and looks a lot better than a stalk on the steering column.
  • David S. "Stellantis" a woke company showing off evil ICE trucks!?! Bernie Sanders is having a stroke!!