Veyron GT On Its Way. But Wait! There's More!

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
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veyron gt on its way but wait there s more

Given its "what economic downturn?" price tag and profit-sucking development costs, you'd think VW would just let the Bugatti Veyron slip into unobtainable-classic status. After all, developing a new Veyron makes about as much sense as a creating an all-new Phaeton, right? Nein, Bugatti Boss Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen tells Autocar UK that a new Veyron will be arriving around 2012. "We will be staying on top of everybody else and we will not be producing a smaller, or cheaper car and we will not be moving volumes up. Bugatti customers are very extreme people," says Paefgen. But not so extreme as to rule out a little platform-sharing, apparently. Bugatti boffins are considering building a Rolls-Royce Phantom competitor based on the next-generation Bentley Arnage platform. Word has it they're even considering fitting the luxobarge with "advanced biofuel technology… and even diesel." And just to prove that everyone who bought a Veyron thinking it was the best of the best are saps, Bugatti is also rumored to be building a 1200 hp Veyron GT model. Though Bugatti denies these rumors (what, they think 1k hp is enough?), Autocar says it has learned that customers have already put deposits down on GT versions. Any guesses as to how many million extra those 200 hp will set you (or the Sultan of Brunei) back?

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Adamatari Adamatari on Aug 22, 2008

    VW is smart to make more Bugattis. The very top of the market is billionaires, and is unlikely to crash. Seriously, these people don't know what an economic downturn is, and it certainly won't be enough to prevent them from buying another Bugatti. It's a brand permanently insulated from pain, as there will always be a small sector of very, very rich people.

  • Nicodemus Nicodemus on Aug 23, 2008

    "Bugatti boffins are considering building a Rolls-Royce Phantom competitor" They've already been there and failed dismally.. Phantom IIs sold 1680 against 3 Royales.

  • H Man H Man on Aug 23, 2008

    I absolutely lust for this car. The vaunted Vantage currently reviewed does nothing for me. Granted I've seen neither in person. Maybe Paul can review the Veyron GT here in Eugene..... H

  • Alex Nigro Alex Nigro on Aug 25, 2008

    Nicodemus, Bugatti sold six Royales. Just pointing that out.