The Venza, in Toyota's Words

the venza in toyotas words

Press releases aren't supposed to be funny, but occasionally, one comes out that you can't help but laugh at, either for the product it's promoting, the way it attempts to make it sound unique, or both. Case in point: Toyota's release describing the "Design Ins and Outs of the 2009 Toyota Venza." Having seen pictures of this bastard child of a Camry and an Aztek, I think it would be better described as the "Design Do's and Don'ts," with emphasis on the don'ts. They struggle to find a way to describe it, settling on "not an SUV, not a wagon, not a coupe and not a sedan." So what the Hell is it? They say it "incorporates SUV utility and roominess, while maintaining passenger car essentials, such as ease of ingress/egress, performance, a lower, sleek

side profile with aerodynamic lines." Uh… doesn't that pretty much describe a station wagon? Anyway, the design incorporates "Toyota's design philosophy, ‘Vibrant Clarity'" (which sounds like a Honda FCX with a tire out of balance) to produce "look-at-me" styling. Inside, it has a "floating…60/60 center dashboard" that makes spatially-challenged drivers and passengers "feel as if 60 percent of the space is in their personal zone." There's more, but I'll let you read it for yourself.

Click here for PDF of press release.

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  • Dave M. Dave M. on Aug 12, 2008

    I love wagons. Especially sport wagons. Sadly, the last decent affordable sport wagons (Mazda6, Legacy GT) were much unloved by people who actually paid for cars. This car (?) has been growing on me since I first saw the mock-up 5 months ago. If they keep the weight down and make a 4 cyl or hybrid available for a reasonable price, it'll be a hit.

  • Accs Accs on Aug 27, 2008

    Hmmm Have people figured out.. what this vehicle is made from?? CAMRY! CAMRY gave birth to: The Highlander The Avalon The ES The RX And now the Venza. That is.. 6 vehicles all of them are built with a car frame! Doesnt matter worth a damn, what the company's PR line is. It is, what it is. A glorified WAGON! Now me... This is a poor time to have this vehicle on the showroom. They are getting to be like the domestics in this reguard... OVERLAPPING VEHICLES! Ya got the RAV 4 who should have stayed compact. Ya got the Highlander that gained a few inches and now is as big as the 4Runner. Ya got the FJ, that is the Bronco reborn for Toyota. On the frame of the 4Runner. Ya got the 4Runner that is competition against the Exploder.. and is within inches of the Sequia. YA got the Seqouia that is as big as any dumb bastard ever thinks they need Few people can see the difference in construction as I point out so easily.. between the vehicles.. And to have this Venza slip in between... what and where?? To steal sales from the other for..? Bad move.. Bad Move. They got gaping holes, and faaar too much on one side. What ever happened to tacking on a nice rear hatch, keeping the weight down to 2800-3300lbs.. and dumpin the awd unit. Poor choice Toyota.. Poor choice!

  • Arthur Dailey In the current market many are willing to pay 'extra' to get a vehicle that may be 'in stock'/on the lot. An acquaintance recently had his nearly new vehicle stolen. His choices were rather limited a) Put a deposit down on a new vehicle and wait 4 to 6 months for it to be delivered. And his insurance company was only willing to pay for a rental for 1 month and at far less than current rental costs. b) Purchase a used vehicle, which currently are selling for inflated prices, meaning that for the same vehicle as the stolen one he would need to pay slightly more than what he paid for his 'new' one. c) Take whatever was available in-stock. And pay MSRP, plus freight, etc and whatever dealer add-ons were required/demanded.
  • SCE to AUX I like it, but I don't know how people actually use dune buggies. Do you tow them to the dunes, then drive around? Or do you live close enough that the law winks as you scoot 10 miles on public roads to the beach?As for fast charging - I doubt that's necessary. I can't imagine bouncing around for hours on end, and then wanting a refill to keep doing that for a few more hours in the same day. Do people really run these all day?A Level 2 charger could probably refill the 40 kWh version in 6 hours if it was 80% empty.
  • Lou_BC This is a good application of EV tec. A play toy where range isn't an issue.
  • Roadscholar I just bought a Veloster N Auto for $500 under MSRP
  • JMII In 5 years these cars will be worth about the same as normal (non-Proto Spec) version of the car. My limited edition C7 (#380 out of 500) is worth maybe about $2k more then a similar spec C7 and this was a vehicle with a $75k price tag when new. The problem with these launch editions is they rarely contain anything more then different paint, interior trim, some bundled options and a few badges. Thus there are that "special" other then being new and limited, two things that will fade into history very quickly. As they saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted.