Daily Podcast: Paralipsis

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Obviously, TTAC's Best and Brightest know that paralipsis means drawing attention to something soyou can prove that it's unimportant by proceeding to ignore it. I reckon it's the perfect word to describe Motown's coverage of Black Hole Black Tuesday, when The Big 2.8's SUV and pickup truck sales (not to mention cars) took a body blow, one of many to follow. But there is a wider point here: life goes on. The vast majority of people– and by "people" I'm referring to non-pistonheads– are not bothered by any of this. They remain blissfully unaware of Motown's seismic shocks. Most will have no idea that Detroit is in trouble until a bubble-headed bleached blond looks at them in the eye and says "Detroit is in trouble." Whatever explanations are offered past that point are forgotten within seconds. And then the story itself. It's only when the "news" becomes personal that it gains any sort of resonance. If a GM dealer treats a customer like shit or their car breaks down on the way to pickup the kids, it's far more noteworthy– to them– than an unrelated Detroit automaker going bankrupt. Which is exactly why one or more of the Big 2.8 is going to go bankrupt. Anyway, leaving that aside, our podcast.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Seoultrain Seoultrain on Jul 07, 2008

    Cool new podcast applet, but it doesn't work for me in Firefox. MP3 link is also down. Good thing I got a listen before the switch. Love the new edit function, too. 5 minutes is more reasonable than an hour.

  • J.on J.on on Jul 07, 2008

    Won't play... =(

  • Dinu Dinu on Jul 07, 2008

    x3. Using Firefox 3.0 I use iTunes once/week to update my iPod (mainly Podcasts) and thus miss out on TTAC's podcasts that only appear on iTunes for 1-2 days...

  • Robert Farago Robert Farago on Jul 07, 2008

    Thanks for the heads-up guys. I was going to alert you that we were making the switch to the new WordPress platform but it kinda took me by surprise (if you know what I mean). We've pinged the programmers re: the podcast and the iTunes thing is on the to-do list. Meanwhile, your patience is MOST appreciated.