Daily Podcast: Cheesecake

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
daily podcast cheesecake

There are three phases of life. 1. When you don't know any of the songs playing in the elevator. 2. When you know all the songs playing in the elevator. 3. When you don't know any of the songs playing in the elevator. I feel like I'm getting closer to phase three. Not because I've just celebrated my 49th birthday. Nor because of Muzak; it's been so long since I've been in an office lift they're showing the Elevator News Network for all I know. No, it's down to the fact that Justin had never heard of the word "cheesecake." It's an old-fashioned expression (sigh) referring to semi-pornographic pictures of attractive women (I daren't ask Justin about T and A). You may have noticed there's a lot of these sorts of pictures hereabouts, as of late. Frank made the decision to deploy garage wall pinups after contemplating our 4856th image of a Toyota Prius. I agreed because I'm largely heterosexual (so to speak), and what the Hell– it's not all about you. We realize this shift has rendered TTAC less cubicle-friendly. And so we've charged out boffins with creating a button to make TTAC a text-only site. Meanwhile, your thoughts?

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  • Juniper Juniper on Jul 11, 2008

    BOOOOOOOO!! I guess I have less in common with the readers of this site than I thought. Oh Well!!!

  • Dhanson865 Dhanson865 on Jul 11, 2008

    I don't know about the rest but I browse on a widescreen LCD and the browser has a vertical scrollbar. I'm fine with having more than one picture per article. I'm fine with a user preference to not show the cheesecake. I personally like the cheesecake but I don't need to see it on every article. I like the pancake bunny and the gas pumps and the pictures of corn and whatever makes sense sitting near the article title. If you want to make a gallery for Auto show booth babes go for it. Link to the brand specific booth babes in each deathwatch article but I don't think a booth babe is the cause or effect of a domestic auto manufacturer's financial crisis.

  • Crc Crc on Jul 11, 2008

    Let's see. Another picture of a Prius or a picture containing a new use for newspaper. I think Frank made a good decision.

  • Shortthrowsixspeed Shortthrowsixspeed on Jul 11, 2008

    I'm with Alex Rodriguez: "Lose the Cheesecake. The First Amendment argument is a red-herring. Sure, the First Amendment gives you the right to do a lot of things, but so what? The question is not what is legal and what can you get away with, but what do you want to be about? If you want to be a teenage boy poster site, getting fat from all the eye candy you’re eating, you can do that. If you want to be a high class, leading edge auto website that is taken seriously, you can do that too." not everyone has the talent/ability/balls to do what you guys are doing on this site. obviously, your efforts have been rewarded with a strong following (myself included) who pine for witty, informative, and hilarious automotive articles "telling it like it is." anyone can post pin-ups. my thanks for your decision.