D2.8 Predict Stop-Start Proliferation

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

With Hail Mary PHEVs and two-mode V8s leading the American automakers' charge towards fuel-efficiency, its easy to call Detroit's executives out of touch. But it turns out that the idea of applying simple fuel-saving technologies across product lines is finally taking hold in the corporate offices of our domestic auto firms. The Detroit Free Press reports that executives at Ford, Chrysler and GM predict that stop-start technology will find its way into every domestically-produced vehicle within the next five to ten years. Speaking at NextCruise, the eco-friendly sister event to the Woodward Dream Cruise, Detroit's finest fell over themselves trying to prove their companies' commitment to adding this (relatively) low-tech, fuel-saving technology. GM's Micky Bly went one further, saying future GM vehicles will incorporate weight-saving materials currently found in hybrids. Careful on that limb, boys.

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  • Dean Dean on Jul 24, 2008

    I'm just glad we get to read better written blog posts than that horrid piece of dreck on Autobloggreen that was linked to by one of the B&B.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Jul 25, 2008

    I believe what you are going to wear out is your starter. Depending on the cost of repairing it in your car, you might still be ahead, but I doubt it. OTOH, if you plan to dump it before the warranty is out, then maybe it makes sense.

  • Jeff Puthuff Jeff Puthuff on Jul 25, 2008

    Nonce, I have an I30 too. Click the O/D button off (light on) before you shift to neutral so that the lock up clutch (torque converter) is disengaged. I've coasted down Spooner Summit (a 10 mile 7-8% grade) between Tahoe and Carson City, NV several times and, knock on wood, still have a good transmission. Also, the O/D light is used to flash codes for transmission errors. I'm not sure if you have to get the code from a dealer with CONSULT or if you can trip the computer, though.

  • Dkulmacz Dkulmacz on Jul 25, 2008

    I think that if you try to roll your own manual stop-start system, you may find yourself hurting your FE instead of helping. I believe that your engine control strategy will go into a fuel enrichment mode upon startup and stay there for a pre-defined time. You might find that the extra fuel you dump in after restarting more than overcomes the fuel you save from sitting at idle.