Bugatti: Veyron Profitable by 2010, New Model by 2011. Or 2012. Or Never

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz

Since its introduction in 2005, the Bugatti Veyron hasn't made a dime for corporate parent Volkswagen. The original development costs were so high that even with a million dollar price tag, the Veyron sales weren't enough to put the project into the black. According to an interview with Bugatti CEO Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen in the Netherlands' AutoTelegraaf, Bug will turn a profit in those most magical of years, 2010. That's when they'll finally sell enough of the quad-turbo meisterwerk to pay for the program. As for another model, who needs another model? But seriously, a replacement for the Veyron will supposedly arrive in 2011 or 2012– soon enough that collectors may take the claim seriously, but far enough away that VW can change their plans completely if needs be. But since Bugatti can only sell so many Veyrons, and there are only so many Fifth Avenue designers to stamp their logo on a "version" of the car, it seems reasonable that they'd have to do something else. But what? A targa– sorry, removable panel roof? A four-door sedan? A 2000 horsepower coupe? When your modus operandi is "ridiculous," it's hard to follow that up as being "even more ridiculous." And don't forget, Volkswagen also has Bentley and Lamborghini in the wheelhouse. Decisions, decisions. I know! What about killing the brand?

Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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  • Veefiddy Veefiddy on Jul 07, 2008

    TopGear called it. It's the Concorde.

  • Captain Neek Captain Neek on Jul 08, 2008

    Personally, I vote for nuclear power with inter-galactic thrusters and teleporting.

  • DearS DearS on Jul 08, 2008

    Live and let live. I do not have control over others money. I guess I have little use for a Veyron. Its also too dangerous to own in many places I believe. I'd certainly like to enjoy one for a while at least. A C300 is in many ways worth just as much though. So is an E30. Long live the Veyron, and more importantly may money flow my way.

  • Detroit-Iron Detroit-Iron on Jul 08, 2008

    How about bespoke only front engine? The trouble with resurrecting an old marque is that the technology and regulatory environments are so different that it is difficult to be thematically coherent. Arguably the nearest modern analogy to Bugatti is the AMG Mercedes line. Ridiculously fast luxury cars with a solid racing program. The Veyron is more like a Koenigsegg or Saleen, an exceptionally well made kit-car.