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2010 CamaroThis week General Motors sent out a note saying that full Camaro details would come out on Monday the 21st of July. So I put the Camaro on the mental backburner. Now, in a series of events that so fits the development of the Camaro, pictures have leaked onto the net. Are they intentionally leaked? Is a bear Catholic? Anyway, putting aside the marketing problems, and gas prices, and GM's problems, and Bob Lutz's talking, and the seemingly endless hype, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new four-seat, rear wheel-drive V6 and V8 pony car. Woohoo! The info that accompanied the pictures over at is spotty and inconsistent with what we've heard before. They claim engine options are the 3.6-liter V6 with direct injection, good for around 300 horses (that's almost definitely true). But they also claim the V8 is the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 out of the Corvette. In this application it would make some 416 horses they say. Unfortunately, I'm doubting it. As an SS, maybe. My money is on the 360 horse V8 as the base V8 engine. The official specs come Monday. But for now enjoy the pics of a hitherto unannounced RS version. Just like last time (early 1970s), the muscle cars are best right before the market implodes. But to quote Joel Goodsen's father in Risky Business, sometimes you just gotta say "What the heck."

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36 Comments on “2010 Camaro Revealed Ahead of Monday Debut...”

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    You know, the slightly taller greenhouse, as compared to the concept, actually helps the proportions of the car a bit. Wish they had tried to figure out a way to keep it a hardtop though.

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    Seth L

    Where’s the bumblebee deco?

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    Say what you will about this vehicle, this is pure unapologetic Americana on wheels.

    Now they just have to extend that passion to mid-large cars and the circle will be complete.

    Ahem, more or less.

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    This thing still around?

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    If they put a 300 HP V6 in the base model, it’s going to be hard to justify putting anything LESS than the LS3 in for a V8. They’ve already matched the Mustang GT, and you better aim higher than the Challenger R/T (at 370 HP) with the full-fat version.

    Personally I think a turbo 4 would have been a better base engine, like the one from the Solstice GXP.

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    The new Camaro looks good, though somehow vaguely familiar. It should bring GM’s market share up, oh, a tenth-point or so.

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    Whats the weight on this car? the mustang is something like 800 lbs less than the challenger (though 375hp still gives it better power to weight). I’m deploying soon and ordering a car in dec (waiting to try and test drive a challenger) but the weight really makes a difference when you start adding aftermarket power.

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    Yes, it was revealed early, by, oh, five years or so.

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    leave it to GM to debut the resurrected Camaro and “new” Pontiac G8 in the midst of nearasdammit $5 gasoline.

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    I know the Challenger has been knocked for its bland interior. Talk about the other end of the scale with the Camaro! Looks like alien technology by way of Fisher Price. Too much of too much to my eyes. Oh, and I like that the ancillary gauges are placed in the same location that was criticized for visibility 40 years ago.

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    Are they also going to reintroduce the Firebird? If so, I hope they offer the Screaming Chicken graphics package. Not a bad looking car, but it’s too bad Ford beat them with the new Mustang back when gas was dirt cheap. I can’t see this thing making much money for GM, especially if it’s not due until the magical year of 2010.

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    I agree 86er, this is the type of car I want to buy from GM.

    Not a stupid wanna-be Japanese appliance thing like the Malibu and Impala. I want a real, RWD, no-apologizes American car and this one delivers.

    I wish the type of design, styling and passion that went into the Camaro and Corvette were present in every Chevrolet made. If it was then perhaps the company would be doing better.

    When I’m done with the G8 GT or LS2 GTO this or the new Challenger will be on my radar.

    P.S. – the model pictured here is the RS, it’s got GM’s DI V6 and weighs 3,700lbs. The SS will weigh more and have different details like the hood scoop from the concept and optional stripes.

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    Mikey will be happy, this Car is supposed to be built in Oshawa, Ontario Canada, so it should be put together rather well.

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    I like the exterior and loathe the interior.

    I can’t believe no one pointed out when the spy shots of the interior came out months ago and ripped to shreds – it’s the same. When will a domestic manufacturer learn to put a modern interior in a retro car?

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    Matthew Potena

    I predict that this car will be just like the Solstice and Sky. For the first few months, dealers will be demanding, and getting, additional markup. Six months later, you will see twenty of each color lining the lots, all at “employee” pricing. While this is certainly a good looking car (interior excepted), it shows what is wrong with GM, the exact wrong car, at the exact wrong time.

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    Is it just me or do those interior “photos” look like computer renderings? I love the exterior but if that is an actual photo of the interior then it looks a little drab and grey to me.

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    Oh yeah wer’e very happy to have the Camaro.The photos don’t do it justice.We have a few pilot models built,up close they will blow you away.

    Like our Silverados and Impalas the build quality
    will be flawless.

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    Edmunds published more photos of the production car. It looks quite tasty, interior and all.

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    CAmaro looks fine. But back up lights should be changed, or the shape around it, otherwise they look too primitive, too small and not aligned with any line in rear.. Do it like mazda on 90ies with rear reflectors. Side scoops should be reduced to one or two, but more beefy and convincing, these ones look skinny and weak, while car itself radiates trenghth and bio-muscularity.Make exhaust tip more squared so they go along with taillight philosphy.If you have chrome rims around taillights, make also door handles chromed.make side mirrors with repeat indicators, and not from a single plastic piece. Interior vent rollers in soft dash plastic will probably get loose by time and already look alone there.

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    Carguy, that’s the real interior.

    Here’s the article with the spy shots from earlier in the year:

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    Isn’t ~300hp base kind of a lot? I don’t mean to say it’s a bad thing, but it feels like a number that’s only apt in a low-volume model. Sure that’s how it used to be, compared to the Mustang, but I thought GM wanted to make it a more common car this time around.

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    It’s looks alot better when you sit in it. I advise all people with a fast food habit to begin your diets now, it’s a snug fit.

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    Oh, and just out of curiosity, how many here know it’s being engineered and designed in Australia?

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    I think that’s common knowledge.

    Something about the rear quarter looks odd. A bigger wheel/tire combo might fix that. Other than that, it looks great and faithfully represents the concept, right down to the headlights.

    As long as there’s a manual tranny available with ALL engines, I’ll be a happy camper!

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    Just a census question. I worked on it for 3 years, as I said just curious.

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    I hope you didn’t work on that interior. As much as I like the G8 interior (and the GTO before it) the Camaro is a mish-mash that reminds me of many of the poor recent Pontiac interiors.

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    DO WANT. That is all.

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    Oh look, they finally decided on the headlight design. That’s nice.

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    The press kit photo’s of the interior are touchups and the spy pic doesn’t look right, it’s more refined. I wasn’t a big fan of the car when I first saw CAD but it grew on me very quickly as I worked. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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    1700kgs? 3700lbs? LOL OINK OINK OINK ! !
    Hell, there are SUV’s that weigh less!

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    Many more details have been released about this car ahead of it’s unveiling.

    All of the leaked photos are of the RS model which is a performance package for the V6 Camaro.

    The RS package includes 20″ wheels, projector HID headlamps with BMW-inspired halos, tinted taillight lenses and a rear ducktail spoiler that are also found on the SS.

    The V6 cars carry 12.6-inch vented front rotors and 12.4-inch vented rear rotors with single-piston calipers. 14-inch plus Brembos are standard on the SS.

    The curb weight for the V6 Camaro is around 3,700lbs.

    The curb weight for the SS is 3,900lbs.

    LS and LT are models for V6 cars only and have varying equipment.

    The interior has Chevrolet bowtie blue LED lighting, including the door panels.

    Multiple interior accent colors will be available including orange.

    The SS will have the hood scoop from the concept.

    The LS3 SS is EPA rated at 15mpg city and 23mpg highway.

    The V6 Camaro is EPA rated at 18mpg city and 27mpg highway.

    Option the SS with an automatic transmission and you will get the new L99 V8 with cylinder-deactivation and it makes a little less power than the LS3 which is standard on the SS with a manual.

    Limited-slip is standard on all SS Camaros and V6 models with manual transmissions.

    The manual SS has a 3.45:1 rear gear set.

    The automatic SS has a 3.27:1 rear gear set.

    All Camaros feature asymmetrical or staggered half-shafts in the rear suspension to quell wheel-hop, just like the new LSA CTS-V and LS9 Corvette ZR1.

    Camaros with the automatic transmission have rev-matching shifts and the SS with an automatic features paddle shifters.

    The supercharged LSA Camaro is still in the works featuring the Corvette’s self-adjusting dampers with Magnetic Ride Control.

    The front struts and a rear independent multilink setup are from the Holden Commodore/Pontiac G8 sedan.

    The Camaro’s structure is 112.3 inches and 2.5 inches shorter than the Holden Commodore/Pontiac G8 it is made out of.

    The SS features front and rear antiroll bars that are almost an inch larger in diameter than those of the V6 as well as stiffer springs and more aggressive damper settings. The suspension was tuned on Germany’s Nurburghring.

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    Sounds great. The curb weight sounds a little fat with the V8, but it still undercuts the Challenger by 100-200 pounds…

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    Archer- and I was wondering how could a US built car have such tight fit gaps between doors panels and dashboard.Thanks for the tip.

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    Exterior – gorgeous. Interior – not really doing it for me. Biggest beef is too much beef. This design was locked in before people woke up to the fact that weight is the mortal enemy of performance. Sadly the timing is off but the initial run should sell. Challengers are going for 15K over list when I checked two weeks ago. Stupid dealers never learn…

    “Archer- and I was wondering how could a US built car have such tight fit gaps between doors panels and dashboard.Thanks for the tip.”…

    Now there’s an open mind…do you look at a five year old Toyota and say “I was wondering where all the rust is?”

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    Not exactly, the car is built out of GM’s best available RWD platform which is Holden’s new one underneath the Commodore (and G8) in Australia.

    The Commodore/G8 weigh about 4,100lbs in the real world and they made the Camaro out of it doing their best to lower the weight though the car isn’t much smaller.

    It’s not really a whole lot different than what Chrysler did to create the Challenger. Except GM had to invest in retooling a plant here in North America to produce this new platform whereas Chrysler is already cranking them out.

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    John Horner

    Talk about the wrong product at the wrong time!

    What’s next, a bigger Escalade?

    In Marketing 101 a student is often taught about the importance of hitting the “window of opportunity”. Well, the window is closed.

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