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ironman-tundra.jpgTruck sales are in the toilet, Toyota will be all hybrid by 2015. And yet there's this: The Ironman Toyota Tundra. No, ToMoCo's not trying to supporting Robert Downey Jr. rehabilitation (as Audi did). They're naming the most powerful-ever Toyota anything after truck racing legend Ivan "Ironman" Stewart. Hey why not? Along with the mu macho moniker comes 501 horsepower and 550  supercharged lbs.-ft. of torque. Autoblog reports that other, ahem, enhancements include "Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, Bilstein shocks, Hella lamps, a Hurst pistol-grip shifter and 20-inch Alcoa aluminum-alloy rims with General tires." All that kit should add $20k or so to the price of the heavily discounted, dust-gathering, Texas-built full-size pickup. No word on fuel consumption, but we predict somewhere between unconscionable and just plain awful. 

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35 Comments on “Toyota To Build “Ironman” Tundra...”

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    It’s Toyota so it’s okay, right?

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    Toyota has been confused with pick ups from the get go, it continues.

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    It’s Toyota so it’s okay, right?

    No kidding. This thing will get less negative press than the Escalade hybrid.

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    Let’s face it.
    Toyota isn’t going to be damaged greatly buy the truck market dip and there are always some that want to supersizeit.

    BTW-Think about putting that in a $50K Supra ToyBoyz. Why not just spank the Bowtie brand’s last remaining piece of dignity.

    Further evidence that two-valve heads are crispy bits of warm bread.


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    “Still, remember, a Z06 makes 505 hp and “just” 480 lbs-ft.”

    The Z06 is all motor. No supercharger.

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    It’s stupid, but it’s low-volume stupid. This is like the RAM SRT-10, which, really, sells in such few numbers there’s no point to making a stink about it.

    That said, Toyota deserves a shellacking for making the Tacoma such an overbuilt caricature of it’s former self.

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    Why would THE company that “can do no wrong” follow the American Manufacturers and make high power trucks?

    Maybe they know something that nobody here does?

    (Apparently they don’t visit this site to find out what’s what…)

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    If it has a pistol-grip shifter, it’s all good.

    Seriously, it’s nuts but some hoon will want it and Toyota doesn’t stand to lose a lot of money.

    When I glanced at the article title and saw “550 lbs of torque,” I was hoping this article was about the Toyota Diesel Tundra, which was strongly rumored for ’09. I think. That might be worth a look. I figure a diesel might have torque in the neighborhood of 500lbs.

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    I guess the Explorer Ironman (the watch, not the driver) edition was too obscure to register on Toyota’s radar.

    psarhjinian :
    It’s stupid, but it’s low-volume stupid. This is like the RAM SRT-10, which, really, sells in such few numbers there’s no point to making a stink about it.

    That said, Toyota deserves a shellacking for making the Tacoma such an overbuilt caricature of it’s former self.


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    What, no Nurburgring lap time?

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    Like many cars in the past decade the Tacoma has porked up a lot.

    The only true compact pickup you can get anymore is the Ranger and it is scheduled to end production next year.

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    The Ram SRT was discontinued a year or two ago.

    No one noticed?

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    Why would THE company that “can do no wrong” follow the American Manufacturers and make high power trucks?

    Maybe they know something that nobody here does?

    And people scoffed at the notion that Toyota is becoming the new GM.

    Further evidence that two-valve heads are crispy bits of warm bread.

    Supercharged LS9 puts out 638 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque. Not exactly warm bread, but I can only imagine the hell they’d catch if they thought about using that engine to propel a Silverado SS.

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    They’re a full-line manufacturer, after all. During the good times they built fuel misers, so during the bad times they might as well build… this.

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    Nope, guess not. Kind of says all there is to say about this truck, doesn’t it?

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    Don’t misunderstand, I have no problem with this whatsoever and love vehicles that are insane or cater to enthusiasts.

    I just get a little tired of the pigpile whenever it’s a post about a new V8 for the Mustang, or the Camaro or the latest Challenger tidbit.

    Yes, we know those companies are in trouble. But let’s face it, many of us would rather own their enthusiast cars than the dull, run-of-the-mill, low quality Japanese me-too stuff that they crank out most of the time.

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    TriShield :
    It’s Toyota so it’s okay, right?


    Of course it’s okay. They are green, nice, polite, can’t do anything wrong, more american than Chevy, Ford & Chrysler together and it’s impossible, unthinkable that they produce a guzzler or something with poor fuel economy. No, no way, I refuse to believe this is a Toyota product, this is a conspiracy of the big 1.5. LOL

    Guzzler are only made by those stinking dying Detroit manufacturers.

    Whatever, I still don’t like the fugly Tundra, supercharger, pistol grip, DOHC, tomoco “quality” or not.

    Hope I was sarcastic enough :)

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    Why doesn’t Toyota go back to building low volume, gutless, undrsized Tundras that don’t sell well?

    And then there’s the constant hypocrisy found all over the blogs… A negative article about Toyota, such as this one,will be followed by a stream of negative comments, half of which will point out that no one ever criticizes Toyota??? Huh??? What am I missing here? Someone please explain to me or show me an example of this free pass that Toyota is supposedly given. Ive yet to actually see it anywhere.

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    I’d rather drive a 1996 T100 SR5 again… or a Z06.

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    What truck is complete without a Hurst pistol-grip shifter.

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    When I glanced at the article title and saw “550 lbs of torque,” I was hoping this article was about the Toyota Diesel Tundra, which was strongly rumored for ‘09.

    You and me both.

    But hey, just the sort of thing to give those Saleen F-150s a kick in the nuts, mud tires be damned.

    But also, could it be that Toyota foresaw Ford’s upcoming Raptor Baja style truck and decided to 1-up them?

    Could be…

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    Heavy rims of lead,
    Fills its drivers full of dread
    (with apologies to Ozzy)

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    The Tundra and the Toyota Truck plant in Texas is the equivalent to GM’s Hummer.

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    @ seoultrain :

    I was thinking the same thing.

    I also wonder, are they gonna upgrade from the PN96 chassis to a P221 to deal with all that power?

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    Steven Lang

    Yes, but the core customer will still want to know if the interior will be as Buick-friendly as the Toyota Camry?

    Big plastic knobs, large print letters, big gulp cupholders, and let’s not forget that oh so quiet ride when transporting the kids from soccer practice.

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    With as much torque and horsepower this thing has, it can only mean one thing:

    It’s a rebadged Silverado! *gasp*

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    Who cares?

    For all the attacks saying that Toyota made a mistake if you wanted to crush the big 2.8 take a 150k of fullsize pickup sales from them. It is a stab in the heart Toyota can afford to do.

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    John Horner

    Toyota is in danger of picking up many of GM’s bad habits along with it’s market share.

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    I was at Seattle-Tac airport yesterday, and there were ads for Toyota all over the place. One advertised the Prius, the other its hybrid range, and the 3rd…the Tundra.
    How dichotomic.

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    Matthew Danda

    I heart the X-Runner. Darn near bought one spontaneously/impulsively a few years back. But couldn’t fit the three kids in the back. Awesome truck, though. Good price, too.

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    Boy I’m sick of the “trucks as fashion statements” urban cowboy trend and I’m hoping the new fuel reality finally kills it off. Could you pick a less efficient, less comfortable way to get around? Seriously, create the largest possible vehicle with the largest possible engine but the least passenger space for it’s wheelbase, overtall, poor road manners, difficult to manoeuver and park and what do you get: the full-size pickup. Before anybody starts flaming me here’s some bio: I’ve owned many trucks and through my business I currently own four trucks in various configurations so I know their utility value when it’s truly needed. Do I want to drive one around on a daily basis to pick up the groceries, drop off the kids, etc? Hell no! Give me something sporty, lower to the ground, better suspension for urban road conditions, easier to park and better fuel economy.

    This truck will be owned by the type of guy that would shudder at the thought of dropping something heavy or greasy into the bed, think of the damage you could do to the paint! I’ve got no problem with folks wanting to spend a little extra on their ride, even show off a little, but if you’ve got the cash for this dressed up cow, why not buy the high performance sedan of your choice and get a ten year old F150 or whatever for work duty (should be able to get one for a steal in today’s market). Anyone who is being honest will admit that for same money you can get better performance by any parameter you choose to measure (except hauling) with better economy out of a passenger car than a truck.

    BTW when I need to buy a new truck, it won’t be one of these. I look for long term cost of ownership and ease of maintenance. Generally to be found in the lower trim levels with the smaller engines.

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    I don’t think Toyota is necessarily making a “mistake” here, at least strategically.

    The Final Frontier for Toyota in the North American market is, for the lack of a better term, the “Heartlanders.” Left-leaning cynics at Berkeley and Obama advisers would call this same market “NASCAR dads,” “the red states,” or “sister-humping rednecks” if they are feeling mean that day etc, though I think its more of a cultural archetype than a political one. You won’t find this kind of market anywhere else in the world, but cumulatively they have some $trillions$ in buying power and purchase millions of rides every year. Without this market’s support, Buick, Lincoln, Mercury, – all the fringe domestic brands – would die. Add those brands together, and its millions of rides going off the lot every year.

    The cultural disconnect between this bunch and any – and I mean any – foreign automaker is pronounced. The one thing all the Prius, Porsche, and 3-series drivers on this site don’t realize is that these Heartlanders actually like their big fluffy cars and fat, inefficient trucks. Its not that they are too stupid to figure out the difference, its that they like the things for whatever reason, and will continue to do so. That market isn’t changing any sooner than the Southern Baptist convention – of which many of this demographic are members – claims Darwinian evolution as the gospel.

    Toyota is not a brand associated with some automotive archetype like performance sedans or econoboxes, at least in the modern perception they enjoy in the market. They are everything, just a reliable example of it – that is their gimmick. It’s why they can get away with hawking Pri and Yari right next to a Sequoia or a Tundra without looking like hypocrites, because they aren’t being hypocrites, they’re just selling well-built, reliable examples of what best they can figure out various people want, and that’s it. Its what GM was very good at doing fifty years ago, but through a constellation of archetype brands, instead of one big brand like Toyota.

    Toyota realizes they need “street cred” with the Heartlanders. That means NASCAR racing with Tony Stewart, that means Big Stupid Trucks, even Big Stupid Trucks with superchargers and pistol grip shifters, etc. How many of us have seen a Chevy shortbox with a ten-inch lift on 36” mudders sitting at some red-light? Don’t forget the No Fear stickers and welded ag-pipe bumpers! Just like a SL Benz coupe, that truck is just useless, grotesque, automotive Viagra – but for a different click at the high-school. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a twelve-popper SL600 with the turbos and all the toys, but I realize it has no empirical use really, it’s a want not a have thing.

    Ford, or GM, or Dodge will die, this website has demise-related journals going on all three of these outfits for a reason. As they die, change, whatever…someone will have to be there for the Heartlanders with fat trucks and wafty narcoleptic sedans that you can drive with your thumb…Heartlander rides. Toyota will be there with the street-cred and obscene vehicles that this crew likes, and no one else…none of the transplants anyways, will have a shot at this market. In the long view, it takes money to make money and Toy is looking ten years down the road before the cultural cash-in this big stupid truck is about will begin to pay on the investment.

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    Has Toyota lost their mind people are losing their homes to foreclosure and they are going to create a truck..that doesn’t get better fuel economy, no, build it bigger and add 20K to the price. Nice going Toyota give the US manufacturers time to further their lead in the truck market. Go Ford!

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      Didn’t Ford just announce a Raptor F150 in the $60K price range?   I’m not really in the market for either one, but I can’t fault Toyota for wanting to compete on a whole bunch of categories.

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    fap fap fap fap fap

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