Oh Goody: Another Diesel Porsche

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
oh goody another diesel porsche

We've heard talk for some time that Porches will be gracing the world with a diesel Cayenne. Sourced from Audi via Volkswagen (now essentially owned by deep-pockets Porsche), the 3.0-liter oil-burner is more a volume and CAFE proposition than anything related to performance. Seeing as how the off-roading (not) Cayenne is already the poster boy for all that's wrong with the brand, no one really cares about a diesel truck. But check this: it seems as if the yet-to-be released Panamera 4-door is getting the same engine. According to the Ozzies at Motor Authority, Porsche let slip at a focus group right here in California that the big sedan will have a spark plug delete option. Interestingly, Porsche now has access to all the diesels in VW's garage– the V8, V10 and V12. But all those mills are too heavy for Panamera duty. At this same focus group, Porsche also indicated that a Panamera Targa is in the works, to compete with a convertible version of the upcoming Audi A7. Wait a second– focus groups?

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  • Blowfish Blowfish on Jun 29, 2008

    How about Used veg oil? will it be as Carcinogenic as King Abdullah's black gold? We can buy these UVO at the pump , but almost same price as dino oel. Where I grew up there was a brand of Cancer stick called Abdullah #7.

  • Ingvar Ingvar on Jun 29, 2008

    Never mind the diesel, that car is butt fucking ugly! There's no other way to describe it. What the hell were they thinking of?

  • BlueBrat BlueBrat on Jun 29, 2008

    I hope the Panamera gets better in person because I agree with everyone else; that porsche is Ugly. How the hell do you go from a design like the Cayman (and everything else) to that?

  • SupaMan SupaMan on Jun 30, 2008

    That happens when you take a 'correct' the 911 body i.e. switch the engine from front to back and add 2 doors in the process. Ugly if you ask me....I'll stick with Aston Martin's 4 door design.