Chrysler Remembers The Good Times With Iacocca

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
chrysler remembers the good times with iacocca

After an abortive 1995 takeover attempt (co-starring "Captain" Kirk Kerkorian), former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca became persona non grata in Auburn Hills. With the DCX disaster fading into memory and current owners Cerberus thrashing around for something, anything that feels good, Chrysler is rehabilitating the Iaccoca legacy. Who better symbolizes the ballsy leadership needed to get Chrysler through its current, second-darkest hour, than the man who got the government to foot the bailout bill at the undisputed low point? Plus, since Bob Lutz made old feisty guys the official mascots of millennial Detroit, Chrysler had to rustle-up one of their own from somewhere. Accordingly, the Detroit Free Press reports that the Iacocca embrace will culminate at an Auburn Hills "employee rally" in Iaccoca's honor is planned for June 26. "This is a good idea," former Chrysler marketing chief Bud Liebler tells the Freep. "Cerberus is still kind of a question mark here in Detroit. And this says, 'We really care about Chrysler.' It will make employees feel good and dealers feel good." Which begs the question: how bad are things at Chrysler, if dealers and employees are really being cheered-up by 80's bailout nostalgia?

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  • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Jun 10, 2008
    A cruel irony indeed when Chrysler mgt. grows misty eyed and nostalgic over old POS K-cars and the 80s. God help us!.... My POS Reliant went 253,000 miles. I won $100 from my friend whose 4Runner died first...

  • Ihatetrees Ihatetrees on Jun 10, 2008
    rtz: I just thought it was amusing with Iacocca cruising in the Crip car with a real live Crip. Well, Snoop's in a better biz now. Maybe some of his new 'talent' could make a promo appearance at the Auburn Hills rally on 6-26..

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Jun 11, 2008

    They might have been POS cars but I'm seeing alot of them coming back out for commuter use around here. Some are in good shape. My sister had a Dodge 600 convertible. Neat I suppose but felt like driving a car powered with a rubber band. Odd disconnect between the driver and the road. Actually I guess they did a good job of insulating the small car to the max.

  • FunkyD FunkyD on Jun 11, 2008

    Our family bought a new 1981 Dodge Aries K-rap car. It's the reason whey neither my parents or I have owned a Chrysler product since.