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2010fordtauruslf71.jpgYou read that right. Ford's 350hp turbocharged 3.5-liter Ford V6 (a.k.a. "EcoBoost") will appear under the hood of the 2010 Taurus. Scoop snapper Chris Doane (formerly of Brenda Priddy now of LeftLaneNews) provides the inside dope on the dope Taurus. The new model will put the power to the ground with all wheel-drive with appropriately upgraded suspension and wheels. Ford reckons that this special "SHO" or "ST" trim level will account for 12 to 15 percent of Taurii sales. So call it five percent. The heavy performance-oriented Mondeo will go head-to-head with such jewels as the Chevy Impala SS and maybe the Chrysler 300. While a blown Mondeo might be an exciting sounding car for domestic-leaning pistonheads who like affordable stealth speed, G8. Meanwhile, most civilians shopping for big family cars want good mileage and just enough power not to have to think about it. You can bet your mortgage money that the turbocharged six will appear in an upcoming Lincoln or three, where it belongs. Yes, even the D472 (Lincoln Flex). 

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20 Comments on “Snapper Chris Doane Previews 350hp AWD Turbo Taurus...”

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    This engine would be perfect for the next-gen Mazdaspeed6. Come on, Ford. Hasn’t Mazda done enough for you to deserve that engine?

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    Ford’s going to be offering this engine in nearly everything they can fit it in from the next Taurus (which looks to blend the best cues of the Aussie Falcon and Euro Mondeo) to the Mustang and even big people haulers.

    Whether or not it will actually return high overall mpg numbers remains to be seen. Especially if you like to use that boost.

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    Mondeo? I thought the next Taurus was based on the current Taurus, which is based on the 500, which is based on the old S80 platform.

    Aren’t the Fusion, 6 and Mondeo going to share a platform giong forward?

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    GAH! There’s that year again. And here it is again:
    The lyrics will have special poignancy for the D2.8 at the rate things are going.

    Back on topic: A TTV6, AWD Taurus SHO would be the cat’s pajamas, but only if it has a dual-clutch auto or an old-skool 6-speed manual available.

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    Justin Berkowitz

    TomAnderson: only if it has a dual-clutch auto Very interesting thought. Could happen, since Ford does have a DSG they've been developing and it is going into some (relatively) torquey diesel cars over in Europe. Sadly, we definitely won't get a three pedal car.

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    Damn, this could be interesting. I’m one of the few people who likes the current Taurus for what it is, a large, comfortable well-screwed-together car that is a real bargain.

    The next-gen machine looks *very* attractive, especially if it comes in at about $35K nicely equipped.

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    (1) 2010 will see the merging of the Euro Focus and U.S. Focus

    (2) 2010 will see the Fusion looking like a Mondeo clone

    (3) 2010 will see a Taurus that takes design cues from the Mondeo

    (4) 2010 will see the Ford Fiesta / Verve

    I’d consider a Euro Focus convertible…

    ‘Course, their hatchback’s a beaut, too. Hope you’re right Detroit.

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    Luckily, cars for “that year” start rolling out in 2009 (2010 Fusion’s Job1 date is early December this year).

    The 3.5 Ecoboost will appear in the 2010 models of the Taurus, Flex, F-150, MKS and MKT according to most reports. All will retain their non-Ecoboost engines (MKT excepted as we don’t know what it will have in the first place). There is a 2.0 Ecoboost that appears in 2011 MY vehicles (although there are rumors this is part of the “acceleration of fuel-saving vehicles”). There is also a 1.6 Ecoboost and a 1.0 Ecoboost more or less recognized to debut in the next couple years too.

    The fuel economy of the engine will depend on how hard you push it. If you are constantly running to 60 in under 6 seconds, no, you will not magically get good gas mileage (it turns out if you push your Prius, its mileage advantage falters too). However, in highway cruising, your car will likely return similar mileage to a regular 3.5. In an F-150, that might be as much as mid-20 mpg highway depending on drag. But the engine can also ramp down really effectively under idle and throttle can be controlled in interesting ways that keeps the engine operating optimally in the city if you drive like you currently do, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see mid-to-upper teens city for an Ecoboost in the F-150 just like the current 3.5 produces.

    There is a DSG heading towards the U.S. It’s not clear if that will debut with the 3.5 Ecoboost next year or in subsequent years, but they have a prototype of a Fiesta with an Ecoboost engine and a DSG transmission that is supposed to show up for the 2011 MY in the states.

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    One quick note: Last I heard, the 2011 Focus that starts production in Q2 of 2010 will be C1-2 based.

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    OK, 3.5l turbocharged v6, AWD, and you guys want a DSG transmission in a Taurus???????

    OK, now tell me exactly how much money will you guys be willing to part with for this Taurus?

    Now if Ford gets a TT, AWD, Sedan based on a Vovlo chassis, where does Volvo now fit in at?

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    They better not call it the ST. Even an SVT Taurus has no teeth after Shelby stole SVT’s glory and the Lightning died. The only name that can stick in the people’s minds is the SHO.

    So SHO me, don’t tell me.

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    a new SHO!!!!

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    So SHO me, don’t tell me.…

    That’s exactly is what Ford should should do. Bring back the Super High Output, and make sure the suspension does justice, too. Forget the fancy multi clutch stuff; not for this price class. Just a modern automatic and a Mazda supplied 6 speed manual…Just don’t forget to weld the cams on this version, please!!

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    Cool looking car, but I’d be more interested to hear how good the fuel economy will be on their lower powered engines. That will be an important attribute going forward.

    Ford is doing some good things. If in 5 years their reliability seems to be on par with Toyota and Honda, I will start considering them for myself and recommending to others.

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    Taurus != Mondeo

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    It looks like 2010 could just be a big year for Ford.

    God knows there is a lot more potential here to look forward to than an electric car that depends on a government subsidy.

    It is better to be a bit late than far too late.

    GM golden parachute holders prepare to jump. What the hell, push them out now and get it over with.

    Any damage that the millions of dollars they will receive does not protect them from will be taken care of by their grossly, overinflated egos.

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    With the World Economy sinking faster than we can type WHERE does this vehicle fit in????

    I like the concept but it’s too late great.

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    “Scoop snapper Chris Doane (formerly of Brenda Priddy now of LeftLaneNews)”

    Whoa….did I quit working with Brenda?!
    Someone forgot to tell me!


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    Brenda Priddy

    “Scoop snapper Chris Doane (formerly of Brenda Priddy now of LeftLaneNews) provides the inside …. ”

    Chris – You quit? Or did I fire you?

    Truth is … I’d NEVER let you go. You’re the best of the best!!! Funny how rumors made their way – even here!

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    If they are gonna make this, it better be in the mid 5 sec range and high 80’s if not 90’s on the pad. The price class it will prob be in, i.e. G8, Charger S/T, entry level g35/37 will stomp it. It would be a waste other than to Ford guys. Yes this would be a great motor in the next speed6!!

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