Brabus R230: Yes We Are Trying to Kill You

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
brabus r230 yes we are trying to kill you

Brabus is the German uber-tuner that's made its name taking oversized engines from AMG Benzes and wedging them into smaller, lower-down-the-line models. It's also known for keeping the dark Satanic mills in situ and making them even bigger. And so comes word that the new mega-motored 2008 Brabus SL will be called the R230. Hang on; wasn't there a Benz by that name? And didn't Brabus tune it? You guys really are the Best and Brightest! Anyway, this nose-heavy monster sports (in the ironic sense) a custom turbocharged 6.3-liter V12. Ready? It's got 730 horsepower and 811 ft.-lbs.of torque. Thanks to the five-speed automatic transmission, the industry standard sprint from rest to 60 mph will only occupy four seconds of your valuable (if you can afford this) time. Hey! You just might outrun a stock Corvette! Okay, that was cruel. But true. Also true: AMG will soon offer an SL Black Series with 700-something horsepower AND a factory warranty. And then Brabus will tune that. Madness.

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  • Solo84 Solo84 on May 01, 2008

    as an MB employee, the designation "R230" is our reference to chassis. all MB models have an inside reference ie- the new C-Class is a W204 body, (a la BMW and their "E" designations). and carguy, before making such comments, please drive a Brabus equipped MB, because obviously you have never done so. thanks.

  • The Comedian The Comedian on May 01, 2008

    Officially sanctioned BBC Youtube of Top Gear Brabus SL review.

  • Driving course Driving course on May 02, 2008

    I love the way that Brabus make the AMG folks look stodgy and far too sensible! I like the caption on the photo btw.

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on May 02, 2008

    ignore the 0-60 - that's essentially a meaningless figure in my opinion - great, you can sprint from stoplight to stoplight - it tells you a car's ability to launch and its power in 1st through maybe 3rd gear. The 0-120 on this thing will be the one you want to watch, especially for this monstrosity.