GM To Hire Back Workers

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
gm to hire back workers

GM is stuck in an HR revolving door, as it rehires previously laid-off workers to fill spots vacated by employees who are taking buyout packages. The Free Press reports that the latest switcheroo is taking place at Lansing's Delta Township plant, where workers who lost their jobs when the third shift was axed in January are being called back to work. The shift had been closed due to parts shortages for the Enclave/Acadia/Outlook crossovers, but workers who lost their jobs could be back at the plant by June. The number of rehires depends on the number of current employees who accept buyouts. "It's really hard to say how many that will be," says Doug Rademacher, president of plants UAW Local. "I've got to believe it could be a few hundred." Rehiring laid off workers is the right thing to do morally, but with the division of core/non-core jobs still under negotiation in the new two-tier wage scheme, it remains to be seen how much money all this three-card Monte actually saves GM.

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  • Guyincognito Guyincognito on Apr 03, 2008

    Yes but, are they coming from the jobs bank?

  • Rday Rday on Apr 03, 2008

    The more we hear about GM's new and lower cost employees, the more it sounds like 'wonderland'. GM is apparently being forced to keep hiring back laid off high cost jobs plus pick up the tab for Delphi, AA, etc. Sounds like the new contract was just more PR to put off Wallstreet for a while longer. Will GM ever show a profit in NA. As long as all this labor foolishness goes on, I don't see how they can. They are stuck with high cost employees that they cannot get rid off, in order to hire the new low cost replacements. What a mess!!!

  • Menno Menno on Apr 04, 2008

    Probably the only reason any of these guys and gals in Lansing are available to go back to work is because they can't sell their houses and move on to somewhere else. Of course, now that the rest of the country is catching up to Michigan in a recession, where they would have considered moving is problematical, anyway...