QOTD: What's Your Favorite Trick?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
qotd whats your favorite trick

Yeah, you know– trick. Think Smokey Yunick. In case you don't know, Mr. Yunick is widely renowned for tricks such as building a 7/8 scale NASCAR that was significantly faster than the competition and (my favorite) installing extra long fuel lines that held an additional five gallons of gas. 'Cause in racing, it's all about the gray areas. I've also heard non-Smokey rumors of mini-nitrous systems hidden within fake batteries. But today's question isn't about racing. Street driving can be filled with all sorts shenanigans. One that I enjoy: you're zipping along on the freeway when you notice a highway patrol cruiser sitting on the shoulder. Of course, you can jam on your brakes, letting the officer know that you know you're speeding. Alternatively, you can pull up on your handbrake. No lights, and it slows the car. Got a good one?

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  • YaSo YaSo on Mar 09, 2008

    The windshield wiper trick also saved gas since my friends usually wouldn't want to ride with me in the rain, meaning we often took their car instead.

  • Winklovic Winklovic on Mar 09, 2008
    Thinx : I still don’t get what motivates this behavior - what on earth do they think they are getting by delaying my progress by a few seconds? A larger penis?

  • David C. Holzman David C. Holzman on Mar 09, 2008

    Probably a lousy childhood

  • SexCpotatoes SexCpotatoes on Mar 11, 2008

    Thinx: I call these people "pass-me-nots" and there are plenty of people like that out there (especially that go slow on the highway then decide 'OMG no one go faster than me!!!!' . Of course it's a totally different situation when you're doing 65 on a back road that's 55 or unmarked and default 55, and someone just *HAS* to pass you to be a dick, then you gun it to give them a run for their money or try to box them out with oncoming traffic (unless, y'know, you see a pregnant wife in labor in the passenger seat or something).