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camaro.jpgRemember long ago (yesterday) when we talked about how the Chevy was doing the Camaro a disservice by cataloging every step of the development process? Well, one day after we see pictures of what looks like a finished car, they've just extended that process. reports that the Camaro will be released in the Spring of 2009 as a 2010 model. At that point, gas will probably be seven bucks a gallon. Again, it's not that the development cycle is taking forever; it's that GM is making it seem that way. Especially with the mechanically-related Pontiac G8 going on sale imminently. What's the explanation? "The auto maker ruled out an earlier arrival in calendar 2009, because it would have meant a short model run before changeover to '10 production." Delay sales of a hot car because you're worried about changing the number on the brochures? But don't worry. When gas is $9/gallon (it went up two bucks while you were reading this) in the Spring of 2009, and Dodge has been selling Challengers for a year already, Chevy expects to sell 100k Camaros per annum.

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28 Comments on “New Chevrolet Camaro Delayed Again; Arrives Spring ’09...”

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    It looks so cool, i’d probably get one just to look at it… at leats on the outside …

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    I think the complaints as to how cheap the interior looked is a reason they extended it. Let’s see 6 years to develop a new model that may have quality – and miss the prime market of consumers for this vehicle by 4 years.

    Let’s see GM still doesn’t have a viable profitable small car. Cobalt and G6 are rental duty or only those looking for 0% financing or 84 month loans in order to buy more car than they can afford. The Astra (or Opel) doesn’t make GM any money no matter the economies. It’s an actual step in the correct direction just not profit wise.

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    Axel reports that the Camaro will be released in the Spring of 2009 as a 2010 model. At that point, gas will probably be seven bucks a gallon.

    Not to worry: President Obama will wave his wand and gas will fall to $1.50. The man is magic. Magic, I tell you!

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    Chevy expects to sell 100k Camaros per annum.

    Please tell me that extra zero is a typo…

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    A car like the Astra would help GM more if they could build it *here* in the US. Who knows, it may actually make sense to build it here and export them to Europe.

    It’s sad that both the Camaro and Challenger will be cool cars that have very little market to sell to. It’s also sad that they’re both cool cars on the outside with really lame interiors. Maybe the slit windows are a good thing as it will make passers by less able to see the inside?

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    It was slated for 02/2009 release so now its what April?

    Also the 08/09 Challenger is an SRT8 only hi-po auto only limted production model. Not like its “really” available until this fall. So there will be all of a 6 month difference between the release of the Challenger and Camaro. Seeing as the Challenger uses alot more parts bin than Chevy its surprising it took em that long.

    I do agree the constant reporting on the Camaro is making it seem like a 5 yr development instead of 3.

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    Domestic Hearse

    When the Camaro does (eventually) get to market and lands dead on its tires, does that mean GM will have to rush a Vega to market due to Gas Crisis II?

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    This thing either has a really high belt line, or there is zero headroom in it. And, it looks to have all of the visibility of a Toyota FJ Cruiser…


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    A new Vega might be interesting. Keep the original formula of a 4cyl RWD layout, keep it light and keep price down. That’s a car I’d consider. If they could up the interior quality an make it feel like a tight well executed small car they’d probably have a hit on their hands.

    Of course if you promise me a Civic and deliver me a Cobalt again then you (GM) can go to hell.

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    I have a deposit on one right now, but I might cancel the order.

    I move to Venice, Italy in the spring of ’09. If its not delivered by then (not to mention the already growing waiting list), than I won’t have a car to transport over there (and sell for a profit to the Europeans who are tired of Porsches and Alfas).

    Damn you Chevy! I might have to slum the streets of Venice in…. horror…. a Bullitt Mustang!

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    GM had difficulty selling the GTO, what makes them think they can sell this in a $4.00/gallon economy?

    Sure, it looks cool, and I’m sure a few guys looking to relive their teens will buy it, but it’s going to be more expensive than the GTO to purchase and to keep.

    Good luck with that GM. While the rest of the world builds reliable, fun, and economical transportation, you are building this?

    I guess the CTS and the Malibu can hold up GM for a little while longer.


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    A new Vega might be interesting. Keep the original formula of a 4cyl RWD layout, keep it light and keep price down. That’s a car I’d consider.

    Hmm… Sounds kinda like the VW Up! Though I’m not sure even VW could make an engine that leaks that much…

    Good luck with the Camaro, Chevy. By the time it finally gets here, it will need a retro take on itself.

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    EEGeek :

    Except the Up! will be rear engined RWD.

    On a slight tangent, I might be in the minority, but I do like the Up! concepts and I’m eager to see how they translate to a production vehicle.

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    STREETs of Venice??? Better bring your favorite ski-boat…

    I hope they are using all of this extra time to work out the gremlins. So if they introduced it 2009 why would they HAVE to give it a face lift in 2010? Let it go until the next cycle. They are delaying for other reasons… Wonder what they are.

    Nope. Nice to look at but I’ll stick with the FWD compacts (VW, Astra, Honda, Mini). Gotta be able to go somewhere with it if I bought it… (grin!)

    Not going to drop $30K on ANYTHING. I’ll be stopping by the used car lot thanks.

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    Is GM racing Tesla to see how long you can delay production of a highly anticipated car? I wonder who will win.

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    The Camaro’s structure is based on Holden’s Commodore (which is rebadged as the G8 here) but differs from it significantly. Both cars are not structurally the same thing underneath and can’t be made at the same plant.

    This car is very very high on my list as my next daily driver, but with another delay I will be looking hard at the refreshed Ford Mustang and new Dodge Challenger. I don’t need four doors but could always go with the G8 GXP as well.

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    It might be unrealistic to think GM goes through any kind of economic analysis before they green-light a new product or upgrade an existing one, but if they do, I’d love to see the info. And, given a company VERY tight on cash even when this thing was a gleam in Lutz’s eye, surely they consider the probable relative gains from alternative products. Maybe someone will write a book or some MIT Phd candidate will get access to the files and we’ll someday learn how the hell this stuff continues to happen in GM. OK, now I remember, it was ‘gotta have’. We’ll see.

    Wagoner has no business in that job.

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    Is this going to be like another SSR? Nice but nobody can really afford it (cost of ownership overall).

    I still like the SSR. Had they been able to give the looks to something priced for a working man I might have been interested. Hardtop instead of the retractable top, some DOHC six cylinder instead of the Corvette drivetrain, cloth instead of the leather…

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    No on the SSR pricing. GM is pricing this car in the same range as the Mustang. Chrysler will be releasing an affordable R/T Challenger and V6 Challenger this summer priced like the Mustang as well.

    I read the article and the information known in the Camaro community about the car’s production schedule and the delay is only a couple of months, not a huge span of time like an entire year.

    Judging by most of the comments here it seems nobody was interested in buying one anyway so what’s the big deal?

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    I-D-I-O-T-S (parse that one however you like)

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    Johnny Canada

    This thing has been whored around the car shows and media for so long, that I’m expecting a re-fresh before it even hits the lots.

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    slum the streets of Venice

    Dude… what are you smoking? What streets of Venice are you thinking about? At the Venice end of the causeway from the mainland is a turn around and a parking lot mostly for buses. You sure aren’t going to fit a car on the “streets” there.

    Now taking your Camaro on the A4 autostrada from Marghera (the mainland city next to Venice) to Milan…. oh yea! Heaps of fun. I’ve driven that stretch before really, really fast. Besides, the Po River Valley is a bit boring… kind of like driving up I-5 through the San Joaquin Valley.

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    I too have driven those autostradas up and down the Italian peninsula at 100 mph+ (’84 VW Rabbit ‘vert) and they are a hoot.

    Wonder how bad the gas mileage would be on this Camaro at 115 mph?

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    It’ll sell well for 6-12 months…

    One of the mags recently claimed the Camaro would arrive four months after the Challenger. But I never thought it would be here that soon.

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    And this car was a movie star when, like 10 years ago? GM has it’s marketing and production so out of sync that you would think the two departments didn’t talk to each other ….

    100k units per year? Oh, that’s funny!

    Can someone explain to me why it made sense for GM to kill the Camaro as an anachronism unworthy of further investment in 2002 when unleaded fuel sold for about $1.50/gallon; and yet in 2008 it makes sense to retool a factory which hasn’t built a rear wheel drive vehicle in decades (Oshawa) for this all-new-to-North-America vehicle which rides on a platform which isn’t going to be used for any other North American built vehicles?

    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to bang out Camaros alongside the CTS at GM’s only existing RWD North American factory? They are going to sell at best 10s of thousands of these a year and should be leveraging an existing factory/platform.

    That was, after all, the game plan for the first generation Camaro. Build a sporty coupe on an existing mid-sized car platform and get some incremental volume. Duh, GM has forgotten most of what it once knew.

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    Speaking of delayed GM products, can we do a count down of the number of days before the Easter Bunny comes, to see if the Volt beats it, as Lutz promised?

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    They plan to use the structure and capacity made for the Camaro for the next Impala as well. That’s why I highly doubt the Impala remain FWD when it’s redesigned.

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    I think the complaints as to how cheap the interior looked is a reason they extended it. Let’s see 6 years to develop a new model that may have quality – and miss the prime market of consumers for this vehicle by 4 years.
    I don’t understand your math to get 6 years. It was first shown as a concept at the NAIAS in January 2005. It will probably begin production around January 2009 (maybe February or March) to have a spring on-sale date. Even if it’s March, that’s only two months away from four years, so far closer to four than six.

    Otherwise, I agree with those who have said that its development has bee TOO transparent. The car risks being stale on its first day on sale, it’s been overexposed so much. The Challenger had a huge development advantage in that Chrysler already had a RWD platform in production to be used for the car.

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