MN E85 Lobby Opposes CA Emission Standards

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
mn e85 lobby opposes ca emission standards

The MinnPost reports that the local E85 lobby is joining the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association's opposition to California-style emissions standards. Although ethanol had been [tortuously] justified as an eco-friendly fuel, Minnesota corn growers say the standards would "make it difficult to certify E-85 vehicles." (This despite the fact that California has already certified 300k flex-fuel vehicles.) James Erkel of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy argues that the corn growers have stopped making sense. "These bills would not curtail ethanol markets and in some respects actually help it." Erkel added that the new regs wouldn't affect Minnesota's attempt to "upgrade" its E10 fuel to 20 percent ethanol. But the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association have convinced their agricultural pals that stricter-than-the-feds tailpipe standards would kill the market for new pickups and SUVs, including flex-fuel versions of same.

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  • Coupdetat Coupdetat on Mar 25, 2008

    DearS, you make it sound like SUVs create jobs and building efficient cars don't? Then again American automakers don't really build efficient cars so I guess they don't make the associated profit.

  • on Mar 25, 2008

    These guys from Minnesota make sense.

  • on Mar 26, 2008

    bluecon: That 'effing ROCKS!!! Classic.

  • Dastanley Dastanley on Mar 26, 2008

    E20? The owner's manual for my non-E85 2006 Toyota states that E15 is the maximum allowable mix. Looks like the owners of non-flex fuel vehicles, like me, will void their warranties and take their chances using E20. Thanks MN - rest of country to soon follow.