Lead-Footed Rich Dudes Rejoice: Pagani C9 Cometh

lead footed rich dudes rejoice pagani c9 cometh

I've always liked Pagani's Zonda, though for different reasons than Farago. He thinks it's a rear-wheel drive brute, with a killer 7.3-liter V12 and a classy interior. I think it looks like a bug (i.e. I like strange looking cars).Well friends, hopefully I haven't seen anything yet. Motor Authority reports that Sr. Pagani has just announced that AMG will soon stop making the aforementioned V12, so that's the end of the Zonda. A new car is on the horizon: the C9. Horacio's new carbon fiber supercar will lose four cylinders to pack some sort of monstrous (Mercedes?) V8. In the immortal words of Sgt. Schultz, other than that, we know nothing. Well, we hear that Pagani is moving into a new factory, where production will increase from the 16 cars a year to 60. So a U.S. street legal Pagani may finally be in the offing. Joy.

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