Does God Hate Chrysler?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
does god hate chrysler

The Windsor Star reports that fire fighters have extinguished a blaze at Chrysler's Windsor, Ontario plant (Chrysler minivans). The fire appears to have started the plant's paint shop, also the source of a recent fire at Porsche's Zuffenhausen factory. The fire was noticed at about 12:30 local time, as smoke and flames rose from the roof of the factory. According to CAW officials on site, was evacuated without any injuries to workers. "The evacuation system worked," said CAW Local 444 President Ken Lewenza. "Everybody's out of the workplace. We're now in the process of getting the plant operating." Officials estimate that the plant will return to normal production by later today. We've received no confirmation of rumored sightings of Cerberus executives with gas cans and copies of insurance contracts in the area.

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  • Rtx Rtx on Mar 10, 2008

    I was in a Chrysler dealership the other day and noticed God in conversation with one of the salespeople...... God tried to get a price out of Chrysler for the new Challenger but the best the dealership could do was to say ("around $50K, or so we were told") You see, much to most Americans chagrin God lives and does his best work in Canada! Chrysler Corporate has not checked the newspaper lately or they would know that about 50% of the time the $CAD is actually worth MORE the the George Bush Peso(sorry....that should read $USD) God then asked the rather bored looking salesperson for a brochure so he could at least ogle the new Challenger see God spent some of his best times in the 70's touring around in Mopar musclecars. God is feeling a bit nostalgic some days and has the need for a 425 hp toy...........good thing because only God and and some of the fortunate boomer crowd can afford the Challenger or the hefty insurance bills that are sure to go with it. The saleman couldn't provide God with a brochure or anything else beyond a weak smile as he sipped his Tim Hortons coffee and scanned the help wanted ads in the local paper. God asked the salesman if there was anyone in Corporate that he could phone to get a price and a delivery date. The best the salesman could offer was that God should put $5000 down and trust Corporate to come up with a fair value price if/when Gods car should be built..he wasn't sure if God could have a color choice or just take one as it comes off the line should God be in a hurry to get one. God seemed rather disillusioned and walked away from the dealership in the direction of a Nissan dealership just up the road.....last I saw God he was tooling around in a new 350Z. No....I don't think God hates Chrysler...he just can't figure them out either!

  • Red dawg Red dawg on Mar 10, 2008

    RoweAS : March 10th, 2008 at 7:02 pm God doesn’t hate Chrysler, Chrysler is definitely the devil’s work. After all, Cerberus was the dog that guarded the gates to HELL !!! I'm just wondering how long it will take Cerberus to finally put Chrysler into the nearest bankruptcy court and file for chapter 11 protection??? And i'm sure they'll ask for a gov. loan like Chrysler did when Lee Iaccoca was in charge. I made the comment in another story about Chrysler receiving a Gov. loan to bail them out and was told they never had a loan when Lee Iaccoca was in charge but they did (multi-billion $$$$ loan if memory serves)and i'll bet Cerberus asks for another loan this time. What are the odds you think it'll happen???? I'd say pretty GOOD !!! It's gonna happen, just a matter of time !!!!!!!!!

  • Windswords Windswords on Mar 11, 2008

    Red Dawg: "I made the comment in another story about Chrysler receiving a Gov. loan to bail them out and was told they never had a loan when Lee Iaccoca was in charge..." That is technically correct because (as I have repeatedly pointed out to others) *NONE* of the money came from the US government. The US government agreed to guarantee the loans made my private banks (like college student loans) to Chrysler. If you went to college and got that type of loan you didn't write your payments to the "US of A", you wrote them to the bank that gave you the loan. Same for Chrysler. As a matter of fact one small bank almost sunk the whole deal (there were dozens or more banks involved) because it wanted better terms than what the others had agreed to. No taxpayer dollars were give to Chrysler. Chrysler paid the loans back early, with interest, and went on to become one of the premier auto companies in the world until Daimler sunk their fangs into them (which so far have shown to be bigger and sharper than those of Cerberus).

  • on Mar 11, 2008

    Now a fire at the downtown Windsor, Chrysler headquarters. 200 sent home. Funny thing is union leader Lewenza threatened the company that if the workers didn't receive the money lost to the strike Chrysler would have trouble. It was on film and played on the local news before apparently disappearing forever.